8 Tips for Handling Emotinal Eating ...

Melissa Diem

8 Tips for Handling Emotinal Eating ...

If you are overwhelmed with stress, handling emotional eating can be difficult. Many people turn to food to feel avoid dealing with a problem, or to drown their feelings. While this behavior isn’t healthy, it makes the emotional eater feel better for the moment. It is imperative to learn ways of handling emotional eating to better your physical and mental health.

1 Healthy Foods

If handling emotional eating is out of the question and you must cover your feelings with foods at least choose wisely. Nutrition rich foods and a proper diet alone can improve a mood. Besides, have you ever heard of someone bingeing on broccoli? Probably not.

2 Get Active

When you start the feel the need to self-indulge with food, try to redirect that urge. Instead of heading towards the fridge or your favorite fast food joint, opt to take the dog for a walk or putting on your favorite tunes for a little energy and stress relieving dance break. Fifteen minutes may be all you need to take your mind off of wanting to eat.

3 Let It out

If you are masking your emotions and constantly biting your tongue you are doing yourself a huge disfavor. Sometimes the best thing you can do is speak your mind. Let them fools know what you think. Don’t let people push you around or take advantage of you. Don’t let them get the best of you. You can say what’s on your mind in a tactful and non-confrontational way that shows you care and don’t many any harm.

4 Time to Reflect

We all need time to reflect the events of our day. Some people spend that time in prayer and reading the scripture. Other’s use that time to journal or just process their thoughts from the day. Whatever works for you, I encourage you to spend time doing that every day to seek answers and peace.

5 Forgive Failure

News flash: You are human. You are not perfect. You are going to screw up. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to do things that you will wish you never ever did. It’s okay, I promise, because we all mess up. It’s just our nature. Since no one can be perfect, we have to expect mistakes. Instead of beating yourself up over those mistakes and going on a food binge think about what went wrong and ways you can do better in the future.

6 Know Your Triggers

We all have things that set us off and make us turn towards an unhealthy habit. Know the things that lead you to emotional eating. If there is a certain person in your life that always brings you down and makes you feel bad and then soothe yourself with food, it’s time to cut that person out.

7 Plan Ahead

Once you know the things that set you off, you can know how to handle different situations. I’ve already shared a few options you can do when instead of bingeing. But know beforehand that these are things you plan to do.

8 Identify Your Hunger

Of course before you can even implement any of these tips you have to be able to identify if you are actually hungry or feeling emotional. The best way to do that is to ask yourself a few questions. When did you last eat? How are feeling right now? What was happening before you started feeling hungry? If it were me I would drink a glass of water and wait 30 minutes before eating.

I hope these 8 tips for handling emotional eating will really help you break this habit. Don’t feel alone in this. Many women are emotional eaters. We seek food for comfort. These tips should help you redirect the urge in a positive way. Let me know how this has helped you and feel free to share your own tips too.