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If you plan to paint when expecting, then tips for painting while pregnant will be helpful to know! Many women are told to avoid painting while pregnant, but there are a few ways you can get around the old wives’ tales and still keep your baby safe. Lots of new moms like to paint the baby’s nursery or furniture, so don’t be scared to jump in and start picking out paint! Just follow these tips for painting while pregnant, and you will be just fine!

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Ventilation is Important

One of the key tips for painting while pregnant is making sure you have lots of good ventilation. The best idea would be to paint outdoors, provided you are painting furniture and the weather conditions are good. If that’s not possible, then open windows, and use fans to draw fumes out of the area you’re painting in.


Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask over your nose and mouth will help keep paint fumes at bay. You don’t need to wear a gas mask, just a simple slip on mask such as the ones that nurses wear in hospitals. You would be surprised by how much this little tip can help cut down on fumes!


Choose the Right Kind of Paint

Probably the most important tip to remember when painting while pregnant is that the kind of paint you choose really matters. It’s best to go with something organic, such as eco-friendly chalk paint or milk paint. If you can’t find an all-natural alternative that you like, look for paint with a low VOC. And always read the label to find out if the paint is safe for a nursery or baby items!


Take Frequent Breaks

It’s a good idea to take frequent breaks when painting. Even if you’re getting lots of ventilation and using an organic paint, you still need those breaths of fresh air. Plus, sitting or standing for too long when pregnant will be uncomfortable after a while, so take a break, leave the area you are painting in, and put your feet up for a bit.


Ask for Help

It’s ok to ask for a little help! Some mothers-to-be want to do everything on their own, but when you have a large room or lots of furniture to paint, the job can go by much faster if you get some help! Plus the company will help keep you from getting bored.


Avoid Spray Paints and Sanding

Expectant mothers should avoid using spray paint at all costs. Spray paints contain fumes that can be very harmful to developing babies. Other products with strong fumes, like wood stains or varnish, are to be avoided as well. There is no “safe” way to use these items for expectant mothers! And remember not to sand old paint. You don’t want to release lead poison into the air around you!


Keep Food and Drink Away

Try not to keep food or drink in the area where you are painting. The paint fumes can seep inside, and then you would be consuming it! Not a good idea for anyone, pregnant or not!


Wear Functional Clothing

You want to be comfortable, since painting requires a lot of bending and stretching. Wear comfortable, non-restricting clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on. It’s best to wear clothes that cover most of your skin, so you don’t have as much direct contact to your skin from the paint. A little bit is okay, but try not to get very much on your skin when you’re expecting.

Remember, if you have any questions, it’s always best to ask your doctor. But following these guidelines will help ensure that you and baby are safe from harmful paint fumes or chemicals. Have you ever painted while pregnant? Please share your tips below, and thanks for reading!

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