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Are you looking to host a healthy holiday party without signaling to all your guests that you are trying to lose weight? You don’t want to sabotage your outstanding efforts with one day of over indulgence, so how do you stay on track? With healthier recipes, a morning workout and moderation, you can have the healthiest party. Let me help you get started with these healthy holiday party tips:

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Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Follow the five rules in this video to help you host a healthy holiday party. Healthy does not mean you have to have all veggies and fruits, but you can cut the fat in your recipes and make healthy substitutes that people will never even know are healthy. And make sure you stick to moderation - a taste will not break your diet but indulgence will. Follow these tips to help you host a healthy holiday party!


Get Creative

Healthy holiday snacks do not have to just be a plain old veggie tray. Get creative and create a Christmas tree out of veggies or make kale chips. Think outside of the box, as seen in this video, and create holiday snacks that will have your guests begging for more!


What about Drinking?

Biggest loser trainer Bob Harper weighs in on drinking for the holidays and talks about sticking to moderation. A little bit of any drink or meal will not break you but a lot can get you off your healthy eating plan. So live life in moderation and never fail!


Fitness Holiday Tips

If you want to stay fit for the holidays make sure you get moving, as in this video. Follow these tips so you can get up and get started on your fitness journey. You do not need fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership, you can start with these videos and stay motivated with weekly measurements.


More Health Tips

Here is another video with super health tips that keep it simple but remind us of things we often forget. One of the best tips they mention is never showing up at a party famished and it is so true. You will make better food choices when you are content than if you show up starving and overindulge. So check this video out!


Healthy Holiday Treats

Follow these tips to better your health while having some healthy indulgences. This video goes over a few great recipes and fitness tips to help you stay on track. This video is easy to follow and will help you host a healthy holiday party without feeling deprived! You can enjoy sweet treats in moderation as long as you stick to this solely for the holidays rather than making it a regular habit.


Easy Healthy Desserts

Here is one more video to walk you through the way to host a healthy and happy holiday without feeling lost due to a lack of dessert choices. These recipes are all simple and easy without excess calories, so they are definitely worth trying.

Hope you have enjoyed all these tips for helping you to host a healthy holiday party. Just be mindful of how much and when you are eating and remember that an early morning workout will help level it all out too. A workout will only do you good. So are you ready to host a healthy holiday party?

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