9 Tips on How to Prepare for Weight Loss ...


9 Tips on How to Prepare for Weight Loss ...
9 Tips on How to Prepare for Weight Loss ...

How to prepare for weight loss is the first step to losing weight. You need a plan to lose weight, if not you are going in unprepared and setting yourself up for failure. Check out these 9 tips on how to prepare for weight loss to get you started on the right foot.

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Visit Your Doctor

Anytime you start a new diet or exercise program you should meet with your doctor. Your doctor will let you know if the plan is safe and ideal for you based on your current health. She may have some other advice to offer you. Listen up and follow your doctor’s suggestions.


Change How You Think

Don’t look at dieting as torture and deprivation. If you think of it negatively you aren’t going to enjoy it. Yes, we all know dieting is a challenge in self-control and discipline. However, you can still make it fun by trying new foods and occasionally allowing yourself a treat. Learning how to prepare for weight loss starts with changing how you think.


Set Goals

You have got to set goals. A good goal is obtainable and has an end date. Your goal could be to lose 5 pounds by the end of the month or to be able to run 2 miles without stopping to walk in the next three weeks.


Clear out the Junk

The next step in how to prepare for weight loss is to clean out the junk. It’s hard to stay on track with weight loss when your cabinets and fridge are filled with unhealthy temptations. If you know a food is going to trigger you to go over board and off your eating plan, throw it out.


Make a Menu

Making a menu is also very important. This way you go into each week knowing exactly what you plan to eat. There is no guessing or last minute stops for fast food because you have already planned lunch and dinner.


Buy Only Good Stuff

Of course once you have made a menu the next step in how to prepare for weight loss is to purchase the good stuff. When you go to the grocery store follow your list and avoid picking up anything that is not on the menu. If you have been following these tips you already got rid on the junk, so don’t bring anymore back home.


Ask for Help

I know for me talking about weight loss with friends and family can be awkward. I don’t really want someone to remind me I’m on a diet or trying to exercise, but I’ve learned that when I do tell people about my goal they are more likely to help me out. They help by not inviting me out to dinner. They make other plans to spend time with me and they don’t get upset when I have to fit them in around my work out schedule.


Get a Partner

Research shows that working out with a buddy increases your chances of meeting your goals. You are less likely to back out of going on a run when your best friend is at the track waiting for you. As part of how to prepare for weight loss get a few friends on board with you.


Plan Rewards

We all deserve a little treat for our hard work. Give yourself rewards for meeting goals and staying on target. Avoid food rewards; instead opt for things like pedicures, a massage, or a new outfit.

Learning how to prepare for weight loss can be difficult, but knowing the right steps makes it easier. What on some ways you prepare for weight loss? Please share with me your own tips on

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