7 Tips to Fix Tired Looking Eyes ...


7 Tips to Fix Tired Looking Eyes ...
7 Tips to Fix Tired Looking Eyes ...

Waking up to find yourself sporting a couple of puffy, dark-circled eyes is never very appealing, especially when you have an important day ahead of you. When looking your best is important, the tips posted below should help you out. Here are 7 tips to fix tired looking eyes. I’m sure you’ll be able to find one or two that suit your situation. You’ll be looking great in no time at all!

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Use Neutral Eye Shadow over Dark Circles

It’s amazing at what makeup can cover with just a few strokes. If you aren’t a big fan of slathering on the foundation, then try applying a layer of neutral eye shadow to the darkened area beneath your eyes. Even a thin layer will soften up the harshness created by the darkened areas.


Apply Eyeliner and Mascara to Enhance the Eyes

You can actually brighten your eyes by adding dark brown eyeliner to the upper and lower eyelids. Put on a little bit of mascara to draw attention to the color of your eyes. If you use a bright color of eyeliner or mascara, chances are people will notice this right away.


Rub a Dab of Preparation H over Swollen Skin under Each Eye

Sure this stuff isn’t made for your face, but it will work in a pinch to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Be sure to use a very small amount and don’t rub it into your eyes. Cover the area with makeup like usual, if you need to, and you’ll be all set. Preparation H works wonders on puffy eyes and it can be used without being covered up with makeup too.


Place a Damp, Cool Washcloth over Both Eyes

Run a soft washcloth under cool water and gently wring it out. Fold the washcloth in thirds and lay it lengthwise over both eyes at the same time. Do this while lying down and it will give you a chance to rest a little bit more while the damp cloth works its magic. An icepack is just a bit too cold to do this with. Your eyes are a very sensitive area, so stick to cool tap water for this.


Massage the Affected Area

Using the first two fingertips on each hand, gently make small circles on the skin underneath your eyes. You don’t want to rub too hard or you’ll end up making the area red and possibly even more swollen. Another method of massage is to alternate tapping the first and second fingertip on this same area. The tapping method feels strange and invigorating at the same time.


Allow Chamomile Tea Bags to Cool and Place These over Your Eyes

Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory, so it will help alleviate puffiness under the eyes. You can use tea bags that you’ve already made a cup of tea with or wet two new ones with hot water to soften the contents. Make sure they have cooled all the way so you don’t risk burning yourself! The thin skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive.


Place Chilled Cucumber Slices on Each Closed Eyelid

There is a toss up between people’s theories on why cucumber slices help reduce puffiness. Some say it’s because the cool slices work the same as an ice pack on swelling, while others think it has something to do with the high water content in each slice. For whatever reason, this method works great for reducing puffiness and making the skin around your eyes perk up in about 10 minutes.

These 7 tips to fix tired looking eyes are only a handful used by various individuals. I have one friend who smears egg whites over the skin under her eyes to tighten it up, but I’ve never enjoyed trying to get the egg whites off of my skin once it dries. What methods have you tried when your eyes need some perking up?

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