10 Shamelessly Amazing Tips to Help You Reach an Orgasm ...

How to Reach Orgasm can be difficult. Climaxing is a natural thing when you’re making love or, you know, taking care of business yourself. However, some women have a harder time achieving a climax than others. Many women just need some help with how to reach orgasm. Sometimes it’s as simple as being nervous in a sexual situation with a partner. Don’t worry, though. There are tons of tips to help you; I have some great advice on how to reach orgasm!

1. Spend Time with Yourself

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The best way to discover how to orgasm better, faster, more powerfully, or more regularly is to practice – seriously. Practice really does make perfect. In this case, taking time to discover what you like through masturbation is your best bet. The pressure’s off, there’s no stress, just you and your body.

2. Be in Control

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Sometimes being in control of the situation really helps. It’s important to remember that you’re in control of your climax. Your partner helps you get there, but ultimately, you have control over your own body – and your mind. Remember that, know your own power, and it can help you achieve the most passionate heights.

3. Lose the Stress

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Learning how to reach orgasm when it’s difficult for you can be hard. Stress and anxiety are the most common reasons some women find it hard to climax. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself so you can be fully relaxed during sexual activities, whether they’re with yourself or someone else. Get a massage, meditate, do yoga, or employ any other activities that help you get rid of stress and tension.

4. Know Your Body

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Knowing your body is important. You also have to love it. Discover which areas are most sensitive. Don’t worry or even think about your problem areas. You are beautiful, so let yourself blossom.

5. Be Open with Your Partner

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Some women are afraid to let their partners know what they like. Don’t be! The best way learn how to reach orgasm with your partner is to be completely open and honest. Feel free to tell him or her what you like – and show your partner, too! That can be incredibly exciting!

6. Use Your Kegel Power

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Experts say that you can actually benefit, orgasmically speaking, by doing Kegel exercises while you’re having sex. The exercises really enhance your pleasure, and they can make a climax come effortlessly. Evidently your partner will be pleased as well!

7. Try a Toy

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This is kind of in line with learning about your body, except you can introduce it into your sex life with your partner as well. The right stimulation is vital in discovering how to reach orgasm, and bedroom toys can really help with that. I know this can be kind of uncomfortable, so go with something small first – you’ll be glad you did!

8. Clear Your Mind

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Being distracted can really get in the way of pleasure. When your mind is going a million miles a minute about what you have to do at work tomorrow, whether you need to moan more or less, or who’s fighting on the newest Real Housewives franchise, there is no way your body is going to respond. During sex, try to keep your mind clear and focus on what your body is telling you.

9. Be Connected

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It is so important to have a connection with your partner when you want to learn how to reach orgasm. The physical connection is one thing, but a mental and emotional connection can take you to new heights. Talk to each other – not just about sex, either.

10. Try Something New

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Keeping your sex life new, invigorating, and exciting is extremely beneficial. Try new things, like acting on your favorite fantasies. Make foreplay last for hours. Don’t be afraid to get noisy, either – there is a lot of proof about the fact that being loud makes your pleasure stronger.

Discovering how to reach orgasm mainly comes down to personal comfort. You have to be secure and confident. To know how to reach orgasm, you also have to know what you like. Knowing and understanding yourself first can make a huge difference. Do you have any other tips on how to reach orgasm?

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