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For some of us coffee is an essential, it’s the fuel that keeps us going throughout the day! But as much as we would love for it to be healthy for our bodies, oftentimes it’s not. Most of us drink it way too often and add way too much sugar, but there is a way to make coffee drinking a healthy obsession! You don’t have to say no to your favorite year-round drink as long as you stick to the following tips.

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Don’t Drink Coffee after Noon

Unless you are trying to pull an all-nighter, which is usually not a good idea anyway, try to consume your coffee before noon. This will help you stick to your sleep schedule and get enough of beauty sleep to feel fresh and awake the next day. Keep in mind that coffee is a stimulant, and while it might give you a jolt of energy when you need it, it might result in a sleepless night!


Make Sure to Drink It after a Meal

Avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach and instead start off your day with a healthy breakfast, and only then follow up with your favorite drink. Starting off your day with nothing but coffee in your system can result in a sharp drop in blood sugar levels and increase the urge for more cravings as a result of suppressed appetite for a prolonged period of time. So to avoid all of these problems, have a meal before your coffee!


Don’t Use Artificial Sweeteners

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again, don’t use artificial sweeteners! It’s the number one mistake of many coffee drinkers. Instead, if you prefer your coffee sweet, try switching to honey, agave or Stevia, which is a slightly healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners.


Choose Organic Coffee

One of the best ways to make your coffee healthier for your body and mind is to switch to organic coffee since it is free of pesticides in comparison to other conventional coffee products. And while you are making the switch, try to stay clear of flavored coffee that contains artificial flavorings.


Limit Yourself to How Much You Can Drink

We’ve all heard of those coffee drinkers who can actually call themselves coffee addicts. They drink 5-10 cups a day and that is definitely breaking all the rules of healthy coffee drinking. So if you are one of those people, try to wean yourself off coffee to 1 cup a day little by little. You should definitely be drinking more water than coffee on a daily basis!


Make It More Nutritious by Adding Spices

Add more nutrition to your coffee by adding spices of your liking! For example, add a dash of cinnamon to stabilize your blood sugar and provide yourself with a good source of vitamin K, or use cocoa powder as a good source of protein, zinc, fiber and more!


Skip the Half & Half in Your Coffee

I am personally guilty of using half & half in my coffee; it just makes it so much creamier and more delicious! However, half & half has twice the calories of whole milk, and if you are on a weight loss journey, you should definitely not be adding it to your coffee on a daily basis. Instead, try to switch to whole milk, 2% milk or even fat free milk. You’ll get used to the taste eventually!

Coffee is not something you must stay away from if you are set on living a healthy lifestyle, but it is something that you must tweak and change. If you just implement a few of these tips into your lifestyle, you’ll finally be able to sip on your coffee guilt-free!

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I love coffee ❤️

Same thing goes with tea

Shouldn't drink it right after eating, instead drink it half an hour after because coffee can destroy some of the iron in the food you just ate

Coffee is my vice. I'll try some of these tips.

Good points thanks.

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