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10 Top Tips for Healthy Gums ...

By Neecey

We all know how important it is to look after our teeth, but we should also be following tips for healthy gums. It’s not too great having lovely clean white teeth if you aren’t following tips for healthy gums and things are happening to them that you can’t see. It’s easy to assume that if you are looking after your teeth then surely, you are giving enough attention to your gums, but that doesn’t always follow. Read on for some top tips for healthy gums:

1 Your Dentist is Your Friend

As you get older, oral hygiene is even more important, as it can mean the difference between having healthy gums and suffering from diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Regular dental visits are just as important as they were when you were younger. With bi-annual dental visits, your mouth undergoes regular monitoring and long- term problems can be prevented. Furthermore, your dentist will give you good advice for healthy gums.

2 Mouthwash

One of the ways to keep gums healthy and your teeth in good condition is to regularly rinse with a mouthwash. Although flossing will get rid of any excess debris around your teeth, a mouthwash is an antiseptic that will kill germs and bacteria that can cause bad breath and also gum disease, in the worst case scenario.

3 Healthy Diet

There are so many reasons to eat correctly with a good balanced daily diet. Eating right not only helps your body, it is also one of the basic ways to keep gums healthy. The warnings you are served up about sugary foods being bad for your teeth, apply to your gums too.

4 The Link to Being Overweight

Research has proven that people who carry excess weight tend to have more dental problems than those people who maintain a healthy weight. If you have a positive image you probably already take care of your teeth and gums. Not over-indulging in those things that are not that good for us is another of the sound tips for healthy gums.

5 The Right Toothbrush

One of the ways to keep gums healthy is by using the right toothbrush. Good quality electric toothbrushes really do give you the best method for both cleaning teeth and looking after your gums. They apply sufficient pressure for good cleaning but without the damage that a hard, rough bristle toothbrush can do. If your gums bleed when you clean them, you may need to look at your toothbrush choice.

6 The Right Toothpaste

Sensitive teeth may also mean sensitive gums. If you have sensitivity issues, choose a toothpaste with a gentle formula. Clean your teeth properly and use a mouthwash and they will be just as clean as if you were using a harsher toothpaste.

7 Teeth Grinding

If you wake up in the morning with jaw stiffness or headaches, it is often caused by grinding your teeth during the night. This can become problematic and can cause issues for your gums as well as your teeth. Speak to your dentist about it and he will give you good advice on how to handle the situation.

8 Fight the Stress

Bet you never thought that avoiding stress would be one of the tips for healthy gums. When you are stressed, it is not so easy to fight off infections, and that includes diseases like periodontal disease (gum disease).

9 Give up the Smoking

We can’t deny that smoking is bad for us, and along with all the other potential nasty side effects of smoking, you are at greater risk of periodontal disease and other dental problems. Giving up those cigarettes is the best advice for healthy gums.

10 Health in General

When you are pregnant or even breastfeeding, having good oral health is essential, so make a point of visiting your dentist. Regular dental visits are necessary for anyone suffering from diabetes or from an immune-deficiency disorder. It is times like these when oral problems have a tendency to emerge, especially gum disease. Periodontists left untreated can lead to teeth becoming loose in their sockets and even falling out.

Of all the health advice we share with you on AWS, the tips for healthy gums must be amongst the easiest to follow. It doesn’t take much effort at all to make sure you have the ways to keep your gums healthy as part of your daily routine. Are you looking after your gums?

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