7 Totally Strange Addictions That You've Got to Check out ...

Looking into the strange addictions that many suffer from is interesting and often times shocking. Addictions that manifest in an odd way are usually the result of an underlying cause, such as a nutrient deficiency or psychological disorder. There is no need to be scared or feel weird if you suffer from a strange addiction because help is more than available for those who seek it out! Remember, if you see someone who may exhibit strange addictive behaviors, make sure you don't ridicule or pass judgement on them, but express your concern for their need to get help and offer your support in their path to recovery. With that being said, here are 7 totally strange addictions that you've got to check out!

1. Ice Chewing

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One of the fairly common and nearly harmless strange addictions is Ice chewing, or Pagophagia. Ice chewing is a pica craving where people are addicted to chewing ice. This addiction is usually associated with iron deficiencies as ice tastes better to an anemic person. Pagophagia is seen in pregnant women and children, and is usually a short-lived phase. If you're addicted to eating ice cubes, you might want to get checked out for possible iron deficiencies or some other underlying issue related to stress, anxiety or depression.

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