10 Simple πŸ‘Œ Tricks for Beating πŸ‘Š the Winter ❄️ Blues 😒 ...

Winter is an exciting time of the year, but it can also be a bit depressing, which is why you need some tricks for beating the winter blues.

When I hear of the word β€œwinter” I think of hot chocolate, hot vanilla lattes, fuzzy socks, cuddling, and reading a book in front of the fireplace. Unfortunately, winter is also a time of seasonal depression. Winter blues are a powerful force to reckon with, so it is important that you do not ignore the signs of seasonal depression. There are many fun and affordable ways to beat seasonal depression. Take a look at my favorite tricks for beating the winter blues. Number 8 and 9 are my top two favorites. 😊 Who wouldn’t want to cuddle and have some hot cocoa?

1. Go outside

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Spending time outdoors will do you wonders and the natural light is one of the easiest tricks for beating the winter blues! The more time you spend inside your home, the less vitamin D you will be soaking up from the sun. Your body can still absorb vitamin D in the middle of winter so breathing in fresh air is just as important. For your body to function well, it requires fresh air daily, even if it's cold outside.

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