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There are so many types of people who can benefit from yoga; it's something that suits everyone from babies to seniors. It's a brilliant form of exercise if you're looking for something gentle and relaxing. There are also more dynamic forms if you prefer more strenuous exercise. These are some of the people who can benefit from yoga - if you're among them, try out a class …

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The Stressed

Of all the people who can benefit from yoga, anyone suffering from stress should sign up to a class. Most yoga classes include a session of meditation, which is proven to have a calming effect on both mind and body. It's also beneficial to set aside this time for yourself, where you can get away from all your stresses and problems.


The Elderly

Yoga is an ideal form of exercise for elderly people. They may not be able to do the more athletic poses but that doesn't matter; yoga is non-competitive. Older people will benefit from the gentle nature of yoga. It's never too late to start, so encourage your grandparents to join a class.


Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, women benefit from gentle forms of exercise such as yoga and swimming. It helps you to relax and keep up your flexibility. If you already attend a class before falling pregnant, you can continue - just inform your teacher so that they can advise you which poses to avoid. There are also plenty of classes designed specifically for pregnant women.



There is some evidence that yoga can even help conditions such as diabetes. It may be useful in helping to control your blood pressure and lower your glucose levels. If you're a diabetic, you shouldn't expect miracles, nor should you use yoga as a substitute for medical treatment. But it's worth seeing if regular classes bring any improvement to your condition.


Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems are more common than you might think. In some cases medication is necessary, but there may be alternatives methods of alleviating milder cases. Studies suggest that yoga may be helpful (see healthland.time.com). Again, it's not a miracle cure, but certainly worth trying to see if it helps in any way.


Pain Sufferers

Exercise can be next to impossible when you have chronic ailments. If you suffer from conditions such as arthritis and back pain, exercise is probably the last thing you feel like doing. This is where gentle forms of exercise such as yoga come in. Yoga can be adapted to suit all abilities, and may even improve the symptoms.



Yoga is also a great form of exercise for kids, which can calm them down and help them focus. They enjoy doing the poses, especially the ones named after animals. Even babies can join in; look for parent-and-baby classes. It's a wonderful way of getting to know your baby, stimulating their development, and calming them as well.

Yoga has gone well beyond the image it once had as something only for hippies and earth mothers, and is now firmly established as a mainstream form of exercise and relaxation. Many different types of people have discovered the benefits of yoga. Invest a little time and money in joining a class, and enjoy the many benefits that this wonderful practice brings. What is your favorite yoga pose?

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Try Vipassana

Definitely going to try this in my new town I'm moving soon and can't wait to find a class, I'm type 1 diabetic and will look forward to see if this can enhance my well being. Thanks for the post x

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