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Understanding Depression for Those Who Don't Quite Know ...

By Lena

Understanding depression is very important for any girl. Depression is a soul-eating monster. It’s like a magnet that pulls a person into a black void. A void they never knew was deep down inside of them. Depression turns people into prisoners of their own thoughts, it deprives them of their freedom. It’s like Harry Potter’s dementor - it can’t be fought with normal weapons. At the beginning, it marks you as a target, keeps lurking, waiting for the perfect minute when you will be unable to resist. Then, it attacks you as hard and as brutal as it can, giving you the kiss of death, slipping away your soul. The victim becomes clueless as to what had happened. They become reflections of their old selves. They become helpless, imprisoned in their own minds. This is one of the reasons why understanding depression is so vital.

Depressed people start isolating themselves from the people around them, even from their loved ones. They just can’t keep a conversation. They already have a lot on their mind and they would just wish to stop all the noise and all the banging. They have a short breath for life. Anything can trigger their minds to shut down and let the reign of darkness rule.

If you know a depressed person, avoid telling them that it will be fine. The last thing they need to hear is a cliché. Don’t give promises you can’t keep, you actually have no guarantee that it will all be fine. Don’t be a mere replica. People have said this line many times and you know what? Depressed people are tired of hearing it. Instead, try saying, “here is a shoulder you can cry on.”

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