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8 Unusual Psychological Disorders No One Really Knows about ...

By A.J.

There are plenty of strange psychological and neurological disorders that are quite well-known in this day and age. While skilled psychologists and psychiatrists often find it easy to diagnose most such problems, you'll find some disorders that are quite “off the map”, as not many people know much about them.

1 Landau-Kleffner Syndrome

This is an odd psychological disorder that usually affects children. It can cause seizures and various complications, but its most disturbing trait is that it can disrupt the ability of recognizing and using language. While some types of speech therapy can help, scientists are somewhat speechless themselves when it comes to explaining why the Landau-Keffner Syndrome even exists.

2 The Walking Corpse Syndrome

Seemingly right out of a David Lynch movie, this bizarre disorder usually comes up in the case of people who suffer from drug addiction or are frequently sleep deprived. The Walking Corpse Syndrome is basically a delusion that you are dead or simply do not exist.


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3 Aboulomania

Aboulomania implies that the afflicted person suffers from severe indecision even when faced with the simplest tasks or choices. Sufferers sometimes even feel imprisoned by this inability to decide what they want, even though they are aware of the fact that, physically, there's nothing wrong.

4 Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Also called “Micropsia,” this unusual psychological disorder is often considered more of a visual problem. People suffering from it see objects much smaller than they are, and, in some bizarre cases, the object actually seems much closer than it is. This is not an eye problem, however, and it's mainly associated with the way in which the brain interprets information.

5 Erotomania

Many times confused with hypersexuality and obsessive love, erotomania is basically a strong belief that someone like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian is madly in love with you. The person suffering from erotomania will not be convinced that there's nothing going on even when the celebrity in question directly denies having feelings for them.

6 Boanthropy

This is one of the strangest delusional psychological disorders that causes people to believe they are cows, oxen or other types four-legged creatures. Sometimes the condition can be induced through hypnosis, but it can also appear spontaneously, starting out from something as innocent as a dream and manifesting itself as a full-blown delusion.

7 The Alien Hand Syndrome

This is another unusual disorder that can be disturbing to say the least. Sufferers of the Alien Hand Syndrome move their hands involuntarily and even grab hold of things, most of the times without even being aware of their actions. Some patients may claim demonic possession or even speak to the "alien hand". Since 1909, when the affliction was first identified, only 40-50 cases have been reported.

8 Riley-Day Syndrome

The Riley-Day Syndrome or “Familial Disautonomia” is a genetically transferred disorder that is extremely rare, since a specific gene has to be passed down from both parents in order for it to manifest. The disorder basically affects the nervous system in weird, unusual ways. It can cause anything from vomiting to a difficulty in performing basic tasks and even complete numbness to pain.

Not all psychological or neurological disorders are as dangerous as schizophrenia, but as you can see, there are plenty of them out there that can cause some serious problems. Which one did you find most disturbing? Do you know about other diseases we haven't mentioned?


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