7 Useful Apps to Help You Sleep ...

If you need help drifting off to sleep at night, there are some wonderful iPhone and Android apps to help you sleep! I’m thankful that there are so many useful apps that make my life so much easier and a sleep app is definitely something I take advantage of! I think we all have those nights where we just can’t get to sleep and watching TV, reading or counting sleep just don’t cut it. Well, no worries, from now on you can count on these apps to help you sleep so you can drift off dreamland!

1. Relax Completely

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The first of the apps to help you sleep is actually a hypnosis app by one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists that helps relax, clear your mind and blissfully doze off to sleep. Hypnotherapy is a great way to soothe a stressed mind, release tension and relax your mind and body. This app is free and available on the iTunes.

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