7 Wall Colors That Will Help You Fall Asleep ...

Color absolutely plays a role in how you feel. Think about how great you feel when you wear that little red dress. Some colors are considered soothing and relaxing, which makes them great choices if you want to turn your bedroom into a place that induces great sleep and a stress-free mind and body. Painting is a project that takes a few hours, but it can totally change the way a room looks and feels. Try these colors in your bedroom and get ready for dreamy, sleep-filled nights.

1. Good Old Blue is Your Top Choice

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Blue is a cool color and helps get people relaxed and calm. That’s why you see blue on the walls in some hospitals, spas and other places where people need to be relaxed. One study found that people with blue walls slept an average of nearly 8 hours per night. Being surrounded by blue seems to be perfect for getting you to fall asleep.

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