Want to Fly High with Health and Happiness for the New Year? Here's How ...


Want to Fly High with Health and Happiness for the New Year? Here's How ...
Want to Fly High with Health and Happiness for the New Year? Here's How ...

Want to have better health and happiness in the new year and all year? As the new year is here, it is time to make changes to better your life. We have only one life and it is the choices we make each day that mold our future. So who do you want to be? Where do you want to live? And who do you want to live your life with? Most of this can all be influenced by simple choices such as eating healthy, exercising and being more positive. So are you ready to make a change in your life? Then check out how you can find health and happiness for the new year!

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Revamp Your Diet

Give up eating for pure pleasure and start making healthier choices. Fuel your body with the nutrition that it needs not craves at the moment. Think of it as if when you are in a serious and healthy relationship; would you would cave at every opportunity to date all the men that hit on you? No way! Stick to living healthy and it will pay off today and for years to come! Eating healthy is one of the best ways to find health and happiness for the new year!


Start Exercising

Stop wishing for the perfect body and start working to achieve it. It is as simple as getting up, lacing on your sneakers and going. Do not overthink it or you just may not do it. I guarantee within 15 minutes of your cardio burn kicking in, you will be locked in and feeling great!


Get into a Routine

As humans we crave structure and a regular routine, so start by getting up the same time each day, eating breakfast the same time, along with other meals and get to bed at a decent hour. Once you get on a schedule, it will be easier to make mindful health choices, rather than living on a whim!


Catch More Zzzs

Get to bed early because the earlier your rise (within reason), the more you will get accomplished. 7-9 hours is the ideal amount of sleep you should aim for to better your metabolic functioning and overall health!


Try Something New

Step outside of your normal routine this year and try something new. It can be dance lessons, ice skating lessons or even an endurance race. This simple choice may lead you to find more about yourself this year and you will even meet new people in the process!


Be Positive

We can all think of what could have been or how we may have liked things to go but in the end, if you keep a positive outlook, things always end up going your way. Even when things are not perfect, how you handle life predicts what the future will bring. So keep your head up, smile and good will come your way!


Make Goals for the New Year

Write out all that you accomplished last year and make a new list of goals to accomplish this year. Make this list of goals realistic and fun but also put one or two large goals. If you do not have big dreams you will never work towards accomplishing more.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year to be your best you, make new friends, get fit and live life the way we all should live!

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#6 is my favorite and I stand by it !!!!

#5 is my favorite because I'm open to new things and beginnings.

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