Want to Look More Awake? 7 Bad Habits Draining Your Energy ...

Valencia Higuera

Want to Look More Awake? 7 Bad Habits Draining Your Energy ...

Do your friends notice the tired bags under your eyes? Do you find it difficult to keep your eyes open at work or school? Well, you're not alone. Tiredness, fatigue and sluggishness are major epidemics. But if you recognize bad habits draining your energy, you'll feel and look more alert.

1 All Night Study Sessions

You want the best grade possible, so you pull all night study sessions to make sure you're ready for a test. The occasional all-nighter might not drain your energy too much, but if it becomes a regular thing, you may feel sluggish at every waking moment. Plan better and study earlier in the day or night. To find more time in your schedule, consider reducing your work load or taking fewer classes in the upcoming semester, if possible.

2 IPad Addiction

If you can't put down your iPad or other electronic device at night, this bad habit can drain your energy. Even if you're lying in bed with the lights off, the bright screen of a smart phone, computer or tablet stimulates your mind, and it'll take longer to fall asleep. If you're not sleeping well at night, you'll feel tired during the day.

3 Not Drinking Enough Water

If you drink tea, soda and juice during the day, you may feel you're getting all the liquids you need. But water is important, and if you don't drink enough, you might feel more tired. Your body may start to slowly dehydrate. This decreases blood volume making your blood thicker, as a result oxygen reaches your organs and muscles at a slower speed.

4 Sedentary Lifestyle

Some people stop exercising as soon as physical education is no longer required in school. But unfortunately, if you don't exercise you might be more tired than someone who works out a few times a week. Exercise releases endorphins that give us energy and help us feel alert. Aim for at least 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity at least three times a week.

5 Skipping Meals

You may think this is the most effective way to drop those last 10 pounds, but if you skip meals – especially breakfast – your blood sugar can drop leaving you tired, sluggish and irritable. If you're watching your weight and eating light, you still need to eat regular meals -- about five to six small meals each day.

6 You Can't Say No

If you're everyone's go to person, your friends, family and coworkers may put a lot on your plate. You can't take care of yourself and everyone else, so you have to learn how to say no or else you'll drive yourself crazy and deplete your energy.

7 You Worry Too Much

If you're always worried or anxious, friends or family may tell you to calm down. Of course, this is easier said than done. However, there's truth behind their suggestion. Worrying excessively isn't going to improve a situation, plus it affects your health. You might lose your appetite and deal with insomnia, and both contributes to low energy levels.

If you work, have a family and other obligations, you need as much energy as possible to get through the days and weeks. If you can improve your sleep habits, stop worrying and maintain a healthy diet, you can naturally boost your energy. What other habits drain our energy.