8 Warning Signs of Mental Exhaustion to Be Aware of ...


8 Warning Signs of Mental  Exhaustion to Be Aware of ...
8 Warning Signs of Mental  Exhaustion to Be Aware of ...

There are times when life begins to spin out of control and we find it hard to keep up. Things that usually seem insignificant are all of a sudden annoying and we begin to snap at others even if they haven’t done anything wrong. This might be caused by emotional and mental exhaustion. If you can see the main warning signs of mental exhaustion, you might be able to figure out if you need to take a moment, rest, and then recharge.

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You Get Irritated Easily

Every single thing will get on your nerves, the main question is how quickly. Somebody will send you spinning out of control just by saying the wrong thing. It might just get on your last nerve. It might seem disrespectful. You feel like your nerves are stretched like a rubber band and you are extremely irritated. Everybody will feel like this every now and again. You have to get yourself back on your feet and do what makes you feel safe and comfortable.


Your Motivation is Non-existent

You can’t get your work done. You can’t find your normal motivation. You just want to go to bed and sleep. You want to hide from reality. You are trying to hide from all the overwhelming emotions and hoping you stop feeling altogether. You no longer control your emotions.


You Begin Having Anxiety Attacks

If you aren’t sleeping well and feel overwhelmed and irritated all the time, it’s not surprising that you begin having anxiety attacks. Don’t be ashamed of being stressed. Find something you enjoy doing alone that helps to keep you calm.


You Can’t Sleep

Insomnia is the worst way that mental and emotional exhaustion shows itself. You are tired and need to sleep but can’t. You are not able to shut your thoughts down. Just when you think you are about to drift off, your thoughts wake you up. You are now wide awake and know it’s useless to even try now.


Things That Mean Nothing Upset You

Even short conversations have the potential to upset you if you feel like the person who said them doesn’t like you very much. You might begin to take things too emotionally due to the increased sensitivity and this might cause you to break down. Take the time and begin to put your world back together. Talk to yourself and raise the bars. Promise yourself you will stop getting hurt so easily. This might help you boost your moral a bit.


You Feel Nauseous and Dizzy

If you feel nervous, have headaches, get dizzy, heart beating out of your chest, and like you are going to be physically sick, these are all signs of anxiety and depression. When you just feel like you can’t get through the day, you can blame it all on stress. Stress is a part of everyday life. When we begin to feel nauseous and sick, it’s all because stress is creating a mental breakdown. Try to prevent this from happening if you can. You are at your best when you can help yourself. If you don’t or can’t help yourself, nobody else will.


You Cry over Everything

If you are to the point where dropping a spoon will send you into a fit of anger, it will have a negative impact on your mental and emotional health. If you are completely emotionally and mentally drained, you won’t be able to control your emotions. This is why the smallest of things will cause you to break down and cry.


You Begin to Feel Unattached

As you continue to curl in on yourself trying to repair yourself, you are going to begin to feel unattached to the world. Your friends will stop calling you because you have told them no when they invite you out. You can also feel unattached from yourself and you will eventually become comfortable numb. You won’t feel good or bad. You won’t feel like anything. Just take some time to stop and relax. Take some “me” time. If you can, take a vacation. Visit your favorite place by yourself. Find a quiet spot and meditate. Just try to make some changes in your everyday life. It is essential for you to get better.

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