7 Warning Signs Your Testosterone is Low ...

Ladies, if you think testosterone is just for men, I’d like to tell you different and share with you some warning signs your testosterone is low, in case these apply to you. Believe it or not, there are so many symptoms of low testosterone in women that often go overlooked because we sort of forget about it, thinking it’s only important to men’s health. Testosterone is an androgen hormone, which means it acts as a steroid in the body, but don’t let that word scare you off. We actually need the proper amounts of testosterone for optimal health. Both estrogen and testosterone are present in men and women, and both are crucial to both sexes’ well being. Though men and women will naturally have different amounts of each hormone, they're important for us both. If you’re unsure if your body has enough, check out these signs your testosterone is low. Whether going through stress, menopause, or perimenopause, there are many signs you could be low in the big “T” hormone, as it’s called, and not even know it.

1. Weight Gain

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One of the biggest signs your testosterone is low is added weight gain that won’t seem to come off, no matter what you try. Or it could be that your lean muscle seems to be gone, and you're looking flabbier than you used to. If this sounds familiar, it’s not your imagination, and could very well be caused by a lack of testosterone. If you’re eating healthy and avoiding sugar, unhealthy fats, and eating enough protein and veggies, along with working out, then you shouldn’t be suffering weight gain. If you’ve tried everything and just aren’t feeling good, and still not losing weight, have your hormones checked. You could very well be low in testosterone, and there are some natural supplements along with natural hormone treatments that might help. Lifting weights and not overdoing your cardio while exercising are also key ways to keep your muscle tone optimal, and your testosterone at the right levels.

2. Low Libido

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One of the number one signs your testosterone is low is a lack of libido. If you’re just “not in the mood” or sex is the last thing you could care about, your libido is definitely lagging. Though most of us joke that some men can have too much testosterone, there are actually many men who don’t have enough, just like women. If you notice you just aren’t up for sex, and don’t care anything about an intimate relationship, consider your testosterone levels. Even if it’s not something you care to fix, you should still be aware it’s a sign your body is suffering an imbalance. Libido isn't just important for sex, but it also contributes to a happy mood, sense of drive, and higher energy levels.

3. Brain Fog

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Another common sign of low testosterone levels is brain fog, or lack or mental focus, no matter what else you try. Your hormones affect every part of your well being, especially your mental focus. Anytime one hormone is out of balance, your body will let you know, with brain fog being a top sign. Don’t turn to caffeine to try to fix the problem either. You’ll only be more tired from exhausting your adrenals and your kidneys. Instead, visit your doctor and have some tests taken. It could be either your testosterone levels or your thyroid levels to blame.

4. Lack of Motivation

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One key sign of low testosterone is a lack of motivation, or drive, for much of anything. Testosterone is actually responsible for giving us motivation, drive, a sense of power, and it can be a wonderful hormone to have when you’re working out. Testosterone also contributes to lean muscle formation, and that’s due to the body getting more drive and motivation in the gym, along with it propelling you to be more active. This all comes from more motivation, and if you’re suffering motivation in any area of your life, not just the gym, it could be your hormones.

5. Depression

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Depression is also a sign of low testosterone, but it could be a sign of low estrogen as well. Our diets play a large part in how our hormones work, and our diet can either contribute to low estrogen or low testosterone. If you’re not sure where you fall, be sure to talk with a healthcare professional you trust. Most of the time, eating more lean protein and keeping higher glycemic carbohydrates low can contribute to a nice balance of both, with a slight edge up on testosterone. This can also boost your mood, give you more energy, a better sex drive, and can help you stay slim. Just don't forget your veggies either, they're great for your hormones!

6. Constant Fatigue

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Feeling tired all the time, no matter what you do to gain energy, is usually a sign your hormones are out of whack. Whether it be your sex hormones or your thyroid hormones, something’s going on that you need to get checked out. A common sign of low testosterone is constant fatigue, but you can’t rely on this symptom alone. If it coincides with the other symptoms listed here, then definitely consider it might be your testosterone to blame.

7. Just “Not Feeling Right”

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Lastly, one of the major signs of low testosterone is you just “don’t feel right.” You might have the blues for no reason, be a little achy, tired, have no motivation to do anything such as work out, or do things you normally enjoy. You might have a hard time focusing at work, and have no real reason to be depressed. If this sounds familiar, it’s more than likely your testosterone levels are out of balance. This can happen to both men and women, so don’t rule yourself out just because you’re female.

Most women in their late 20s and early or late 30s start to see a decline in hormones, including testosterone. Sufficient testosterone will help you feel powerful, strong, motivated, be toned and lean, and you’ll have a healthy libido. Just like estrogen is essential to women’s health, so is testosterone. One of the best natural supplements you can take for your hormones and your libido is maca powder. Maca is a well known superfood that's excellent for hormone and energy. I consume maca daily, and it’s made a huge difference in my anxiety, mental focus, motivation, and especially my energy. It’s known to help increase testosterone in just small amounts when taken daily, and it’s delicious in a smoothie. You can buy it online or in stores. Did you know some of these signs were due to low testosterone?

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