7 Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Skin ...


7 Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Skin ...
7 Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Skin ...

There's nothing wrong with a drink every now and then but overdoing it can certainly have its negative effects on your skin. Thanks Melissa for bringing these to light!

If alcohol can damage your organs and inner body, it will definitely show up on your skin and face. Not to mention, while long nights out with the girls is fun, the next day you can wake up looking like you slept in a sweaty jungle. Take this advice, if you need to look glowing on a Saturday afternoon don't booze up on Friday night. Here are some ways alcohol can affect your fresh face and quick solutions to get your brilliant skin back in a flash!

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Dry Skin

It's no surprise that alcohol can leave you with some pretty dry skin, after all who doesn't feel like chugging four bottles of water the next morning? Well your skin can feel the same way. Start with some moisturizer and start drinking water. The faster your remove the toxins of alcohol from your body, the better your skin will look.


Dark Circles

There is no easy way to get rid of circles besides a great concealer. Getting adequate sleep at night can also help, and that may mean less nights closing the local tavern. Alcohol can also affect a person's REM sleep cycle from around 6 to in half by 1 or 2, meaning that you will wake up feeling extremely tired, and your face will show it. [1]



Even if you are in your 20s, severe dehydration from excessive alcohol drinking will begin to have an impact on the amount of wrinkles you have. The more your skin is dehydrated, the stronger the wrinkles will begin to appear and possibly stay. Prevent this by drinking around 8 glasses of water a day and cutting back on consuming alcohol.



If you're always drinking, chances are you aren't taking care of yourself otherwise, and that includes getting all your essential vitamins through super foods and antioxidants. A lack of nutrients can severely impact the skin, and even cause grey dull skin to appear after substantial alcohol use. To combat this eat nutrient rich foods and of course drink water. Get some sun for extra vitamin C and if that isn't possible try a light tinted moisturizer or bronzer to bring your face back to life.


Sagging Facial Features

Another dreadful side of drinking for the skin is the loss of elasticity. Essential nutrients help the skin keeps its elasticity which prevents your face from sagging. If someone develops a drinking problem they will not be getting these important vitamins and overtime their skin will noticeably begin to sag and become loose causing excessive bags under the eyes, droopy eyelids or loose skin around the chin and neck.



Through the unhealthy combination of staying up late, drinking heavily, and eating greasy fast food, the skin is literally at its breaking point. After a night out, try to eat healthy the next day and avoid that fourth meal at 3 am. Try treating acne with a daily cleanser and moisturizer in the meantime, and if you are able wash your face before passing out for the night.


Red Blotchy Patches

The red patches are not acne but rather blood vessels that are seemingly popping up through your skin, and for some people may center around the cheek area. This is why people who have had a few too many, become red and flushed in the face, it's actually their blood vessels widening capillaries breaking.[2] Even worse alcohol can increase rosacea and other skin problems.

Alcohol in moderation is key anytime you're drinking. It will allow you to have a great night and still feel okay to get that early gym session in on a Saturday morning. Ultimately going out with your friends for an occasional night out isn't going to make that much impact on your skin, but if you're constantly partying you skin will pay the price.

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