7 Ways for Women to Protect Themselves against Danger ...


Unfortunately, the world is a scary place. You could get attacked by someone on the way to your car or even inside of your own home. In order to protect yourself, you have to do a few key things. Here are some of the most important things to remember if you want to stay safe:

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Study Self Defense

Taking a self defense class is one of the best things you could do in life. Not only will it give you the skills you need to defend yourself against an attacker, but it'll also give you exercise and make you stronger. Even if you're never placed in a dangerous situation, those lessons will pay off by toning your body and making you more confident.


Carry Crucial Items

You have a huge pocketbook filled with useless things, so you might as well toss some important tools in there as well. Buy a rape whistle or pepper spray. You might even want to carry a small knife around with you, just in case of emergency. You never know when you'll need it.


It is important for women to take proactive steps to ensure their safety. Carrying crucial items is one way to do this. A rape whistle or pepper spray can be used to protect oneself in a dangerous situation. Pepper spray is effective at deterring attackers, and it is legal in many places. Additionally, carrying a small knife can be useful in an emergency, as it can be used to cut fabric or rope, or to defend oneself against an attacker.

In addition to carrying items for self-defense, there are other steps women can take to protect themselves. Women should stay alert and be aware of their surroundings. Women should also trust their instincts and not be afraid to speak up if they feel unsafe. Women should also avoid walking alone at night, and if they must do so, they should stay in well-lit, populated areas.

It is also important for women to know their rights and boundaries. Women should be aware of local laws regarding self-defense, and understand what is and is not acceptable in terms of defending oneself. Women should also be aware of any resources available to them in their local area, such as domestic violence shelters or rape crisis centers.


Travel in Trios

It stinks that women are always told to go to bars in groups and walk down the streets in groups, because we like to be independent. However, it's dangerous to be on your own, especially in certain locations. If you work in a sketchy neighborhood and don't have anyone to walk you to your car, then call up a friend to talk to until you get to safety so they can alert the police if you sound like you're in danger.


Always Be Alert

When you're home alone and hear a knock on the door, don't open door without looking to see who's on the other side. You always need to be on alert, because one wrong move could end in injury. Just think before you act and you should be fine.


Unwanted Online Information

Don't put too much information about yourself online. If you're on a dating site, be careful about who you give your number and home address to. If you're going on vacation, don't brag about it on Facebook, because someone could see the post, realize that your house is empty, and try to break into it.


Hesitate before Helping

A lot of criminals use a woman's helpfulness against her. If someone asks you to help them look for their dog or their child, it could be a trick to lure you to a certain location. Even though you want to help, you have to realize that the person in need may not be whom they claim to be.


Too Much Money

You never want to carry too much money on you in case you're robbed. If you have your whole life savings in your purse, you won't want to let it go. But if you're only carrying around a few bucks, you won't mind letting a criminal have it so that you can continue living.

It's hard to prepare for life threatening situations, because you usually have to think on your feet when they occur. However, it doesn't hurt to do the things on this list in order to prevent yourself from ever being in danger. What other tips do you have for women that'll help them protect themselves?

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I can't wait until the day we can stop teaching girls that they need to carry knives and not walk alone and start teaching people to not attack, rob or rape others

I thought it was illegal to carry a knife :/

I can't wait until the day we can

Try carrying a small wallet with some out of date credit cards in it. We do this when in a foreign country on holiday at resorts.

A new scam is that in a parking lot etc. Someone tries to make you smell a piece of paper or something like that and they tell you its a new perfume but its acually drugs that will make you pass out so they can rob you or do worse things.

Haley was echoing my thoughts....while these are all good tips I wish the onus wasn't always on the women to protect themselves. Or that these tips weren't just suggested for women! Maybe there should be an article titled "How to stop your base instincts from controlling you and making you attack people".

Danielle, is only illegal if it is longer than you the bottom up your palm measured to the tip of your middle finger. You can carry a pocket knife. But each state law is different.

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