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If you’re on the fence about getting up early, take a look at some ways getting up early enhances your life. Getting up early isn’t easy and I know this firsthand. For years when I was younger, I slept until noon when I could, but later as an adult, I found how amazing I felt when I got up with the sun. It sounds crazy, but getting up early is a great way to be more productive during the day, and it can help you get more done. Check out these ways getting up early enhances your life, besides just getting more accomplished. Though that’s one of my favorite reasons, there are many others to consider. Now, read these, then set your alarm clocks for a little bit earlier tomorrow!

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Natural Sunlight

One of the most beneficial ways getting up early enhances your life is it exposes you to more sunlight during the day. This increases your mood health, reduces stress, and exposes you to more Vitamin D during the day. Vitamin D is naturally produced through sunlight. Getting up early is a fantastic way to ensure that you receive more natural Vitamin D, even if you don’t spend a lot of time outside. Rising with the sun can also help you have a more positive outlook on your entire day.


Time to Yourself

Another reason getting up early enhances your life is it gives you more time to yourself. You might not think this is important, but I’d like to argue that! Having time to yourself each morning in the quiet hours of the beginning of the day can help reduce your stress in ways you wouldn’t believe. It also reduces stress from rushing around, which can make you calmer and more confident throughout your entire day.


Increased Activity

When you get up early, you’re naturally more active during the day. Getting up early gives you more opportunity to move more throughout the day, which can help improve your weight, heart health, and your mood. Getting up just one hour early also gives you time for that quick workout you seem to never find the time for!


Better Work

Getting up early is one way most successful people perform better at work. It can help you take time to get your thoughts organized, it gives you a way to start the day with less stress, and if you exercise, it’s also a time to jolt your brain and body into motion for the day. Exercise can improve your thought and creativity processes, and exercising first thing in the morning is a great way to reap the benefits.


Better Appetite

If you’re never hungry, that’s not necessarily a good thing. If you metabolism is lagging, so will your appetite. Getting up early is a great way to jump start your metabolism by being sure you get in a healthy meal. Always start your day with breakfast, even if that’s an hour after you get up. Choose something with complex carbs, one lean protein source, and some type of fruit or vegetable. Your appetite will be stoked all day, which is a great way to enhance your metabolism


Safer Commute

Believe it or not, you actually increase your safety by getting up early too. When you’re not rushed to get to work and in a hurry because you’re late, you’ll drive more carefully. This can prevent car accidents and help prevent you from getting delayed in traffic, so long as you leave early of course!


Free Fitness Opportunity

Getting up early is a simple way to give yourself a free fitness opportunity, so take advantage of it! This enhances almost every single area of your life and you’ll only benefit from it. Just think: you can start your entire day off on the right foot instead of the wrong one.

Set your clock tonight for just one hour earlier. You’ll never miss an hour and you’ll be shocked how good you’ll feel the rest of the day. If you get up early, what’s your favorite way it enhances your life?

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"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy and wise." Sometimes this is a bit difficult, though.

I get my quiet time as a night owl and I get a number of things done as well. I think it's more an individual thing

I wake up super early to take advantage of every day I'm given

Waking-up at sunrise is a Must in our religion but not all people do it

I wake up super early! I get so much stuff done before the kids get up, I love it! It is a bit tricky getting everyone to bed early though.

i always wake up early. it makes me feel fantastic and i get so much done throughout the day

Waking up early gives me time for spiritual meditation. It's a great way that helps me begin my day.

I try but I am such a night owl

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