7 Ways Magnesium Oil Can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health ...

I first learned about the benefits of magnesium oil from a sales associate at the health food store. I later did some research and learned that magnesium oil is not technically an oil, but rather it is magnesium chloride that you can apply to your skin. By applying it to your skin, the magnesium is absorbed and directly enters the bloodstream, which means you get all of the benefits of magnesium without having to worry about whether or not it is being absorbed in your gastrointestinal tract. After learning these things, I thought it would be worth trying, and, not only did it help ease the pain of an injury, I also experienced many of the other benefits of magnesium oil has to offer.

1. Relaxes Muscles

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One of the benefits of magnesium oil is that it relaxes tight muscles. Magnesium has the ability to ease muscle tension, and when you rub it directly on tight muscle, you get the benefit much more quickly. While it doesn’t work immediately, it does ease tension in a few hours, and with continued use, your tight muscles will begin to actually feel relaxed.

2. Migraine Relief

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Migraines are extremely painful and can be very debilitating. They cause throbbing pain, nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, blurred vision, and other unpleasant symptoms. Interestingly, many people who suffer from migraines are actually deficient in magnesium. Using magnesium oil restores magnesium levels relatively quickly because it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. As a result, migraine pain can be lessened, and, over time, the frequency of migraines decreases.

3. Recovery from Sports Injuries

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When you are an athlete it can be devastating to be sidelined because of an injury. Thankfully, magnesium oil can speed healing and decrease the pain of a sports injury. It can also decrease inflammation and increase flexibility, both of which will help with the healing process.

4. Decreases Stress and Anxiety

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When you are experiencing stress and anxiety, you use up the magnesium in your body much more quickly. This is actually very bad, because magnesium can help you feel less stressed. It suppresses the release of stress hormones, allowing you to feel more relaxed.

5. Decreases Depression

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Magnesium not only decreases stress and anxiety, it also helps ease depression. As far back as 1968, researchers found that a magnesium deficiency could result in depression. More recently, researchers looked at case histories of patients with depression, and found that when magnesium deficiencies were corrected the patients experienced relief from their depression.

6. Boosts Collagen Production

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Collagen is a protein that is found in skin, bones, nails, tendons, and many other places throughout your body. Magnesium is a vital mineral for the production of collagen. So, when you have plenty of magnesium, your skin is more beautiful and your bones are stronger! Using magnesium oil can help you ensure that you are getting all of the magnesium you need for collagen production.

7. Decreases Joint Pain

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Although joint pain is typically associated with old age, people of all ages can experience joint pain, especially athletes who place a lot of stress on their joints. As terrible as joint pain is, magnesium oil can decrease joint pain and inflammation. Rubbing it into sore joints every day will bring relief overtime.

Magnesium oil has many great benefits, but if you are going to use it, you need to know that it tingles when you first put it on. Once you get passed the tingle, you will start to appreciate all of the benefits of magnesium oil. Just keep in mind, it doesn’t work instantly. You do need to be patient and use it often to experience all the benefits. Have you ever heard of magnesium oil?

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