7 Ways to a Better Summer by Quitting Smoking This Spring ...


7 Ways to a Better Summer by Quitting Smoking This Spring ...
7 Ways to a Better Summer by Quitting Smoking This Spring ...

Quitting smoking is never easy but Danielle's tips will certainly help you start your summer on a healthier note. Good luck readers and thank you Danielle for your very inspirational post!

We all make New Years resolutions and for many people January 1st comes with a promise (yet again?) that this is the year we will quit smoking for good. Some of us maybe even managed to make it past that hard first week and congrats on that cut but to the others with well-meant intentions... fret not, there’s still plenty of time to bloom from this season sans fume! Below are seven reasons you’ll be happy you’ve quit by the time summer hits.

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Out with the Sun, on with the Fun

The sun really encourages us to get out there and be active. Sunset bike-rides, late nights of dancing and beer league ball are all highlights of summer fun. Be sure to keep up with your pack of friends by pledging to cut down on the amount of packs you smoke before the sun gets you wishing you quit earlier! By smoking now you are continuing to cause the damage in your lungs that makes you run out of breath by pedaling up even the smallest of hills. Ouch!


Quitting Looks Good on You

By sticking to your goal of quitting before summer it’s also more likely that you’ve stuck to your general plans for health and fitness. This great lifestyle change will look better on you than any change of outfit ever could! You’ll see increased skin health, less fatigue and will even experience better taste from those healthy summer salads you’re starting to enjoy more of now too.


Lather up Instead of Lighting up

Summer already brings an increased exposure to harm with long days in the hot sun. By having quit smoking before it’s time to soak up the sunscreen and hit the beach you’ll already be a step ahead of the game in the prevention of harmful illnesses. Good on you!


Three Girls Walk into a Bar…

Ones a blonde, one’s a red head and the other is a smoker. Ok, so we all know that hair colour has nothing to do with attractiveness or smartness like the usual joke implies but be assured that by still smoking this summer you might find yourself in a similar line of fire. Wouldn’t you rather be one of the smarties without the smoke this summer? We thought so.


‘Tis the Season

The season of socializing is ahead and it’s important to share your best with everyone you meet. There is a serious confidence that comes with the growth from quitting smoking; work this energy to boost your career or personal life before the hustle and bustle of fall takes over from the relaxed pace of long summer days.


The Great Escape

You’ll start to notice some extra cash now that you’re cutting back and this can help your wishes of an event filled summer come true. Do you remember wishing you had the financially flexibility needed to take a day off here and there for the spontaneity of summer last year? Break for a quick moment to calculate what it will cost you to smoke over the next two months based on your past week of smoking. Is it enough to contribute to some serious fun?


Seriously, It’s Not Too Late

You’re only a quarter into the year of your promise and that’s perfect to start drafting a plan! A large reason why so many people do not succeed in their quit attempts is because they did not take the proper time or attention to create a strategy that truly will work for them. When you plan and quit before the sun hits, you'll experience the accomplishment of a succesful year during the best time of year!

Some may think that quitting smoking is easier said than done but we just think you’ve got to make it fun! Spring is a motivational time and it’s exciting to be creative by using your goals and ambitions to energize intentions and plans towards better health. So how about it? Would you like to be sans fume by summer? What would it take to help you quit or cut back and create the change you look forward to this year?

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I wish my mom would stop smoking but everytime I convince her she gets mad at me. I'm already being bullied for it because I smell so much of it. It blows...

My hubby and I have been smoke free for a full month now!! It's amazing!! I smoked for 10 years and never thought I'd be able to quit but we did. We have been using the Vapor E-cigarette and it works great for us :)

That great suzie!

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