7 Ways to Avoid Gym Germs and Keep Yourself from Getting Sick ...

By Tara

7 Ways to Avoid Gym Germs and Keep Yourself from Getting Sick ...

If you are a member of a fitness gym, you want to continue reading as I share the ways to avoid gym germs. I promise you I do not have a phobia of gyms, in fact I was a member of different gyms for many years until I had my own home gym, but I have learned to be cautious to avoid germs. After watching people get sick from gyms one too many times, I have learned several effective ways to avoid viruses, staph, bacteria and other illnesses. I am writing this to help and inform you but not scare you. Gyms are a great place to get your workout in with expensive equipment to use at a nominal fee, so follow my ways to avoid gym germs while still getting the benefits of being an avid gym member!

1 Wash Your Hands

In a recent ABC investigation, the staph bacteria was found on a gym exercise bike. Since staph can be very serious it is important to wash your hands after you complete your workout and cover any open sores. Washing your hands is one the most proactive ways to avoid gym germs!

2 Avoid the Water Fountain

An NBC news investigation found mold on another gym water fountain and this particular mold caused allergic reactions as well as skin and lung infections in some. So to avoid these nasty germs and keep from getting sick, bring along a bottle of water and do not refill your water at the gym.

3 Bring Flip Flops

In another gym, an investigation found pneumonia on the bathroom tiles, yuck! This does not mean you have to throw in the towel for your post workout shower, but be cautious. You should take care to wear flip flops at all times in the locker room and you can avoid these germs!

4 Bring Your Own Sweat Towel

Do not dare use the towel lying on the gym treadmill unless this is yours. Gym towels are often used to clean the exercise equipment and who knows how well they have been cleaned, so beware! This is a great way to avoid germs so you will not be sidelined due to being sick!

5 Avoid Touching Your Face

The easiest way to allow pathogens to enter your body is by putting your hands in your mouth or eyes, so avoid touching your face when working out. If you have an itch on your face wait until you are home and showered to scratch that itch. Being healthy is worth the wait, I promise!

6 Do Not Use Your Sweat Towel to Wipe of Machines

Bring your own sweat towel and use paper towels when cleaning off exercise equipment. To avoid coming into contact with another person’s germs, make sure you only use the gym cleaning materials to wipe off the machine you used. This is an effective way to avoid gym germs.

7 Wash Your Clothes in Hot Water

To kill some gym germs you may have been in contact with, make sure to leave your gym clothes at the door and change into fresh clothing after you shower. And also be sure to wash your clothes in hot water to kill these germs.

Be careful but do not stress! The gym can be a fun place and if you take the proper cleaning precautions, you can break a sweat and achieve great results while avoiding getting seriously sick. Are you a gym goer? Have a healthy workout!

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