10 Ways to Be More Energetic at Work ...

If you frequently find yourself in an energy slump, check out these simple ways to be more energetic at work! Maybe you start out the day with the best of intentions and you’re raring to go in the morning. Then, the afternoon comes and you feel like you’re mentally and physically done! If you’re looking for some easy ways to be more energetic at work, try these tips out!

1. Sleep Tight

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First and foremost, one of the key ways to be more energetic at work and be more productive is to get enough sleep each night. Sure, there are times when you won’t be able to get your 7-8 hours of shut eye, just don’t let it become a habit. Getting enough sleep each night is vital so that you give your body enough rest to power through the work day!

2. Work out Early

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A surefire way to have more energy throughout the day is to schedule your workouts in the A.M. Getting up earlier in order to fit in a workout might seem like a huge hassle, but there are benefits to early morning workouts! If you’re not up for a full-on sweat sesh at 5am, try waking up 30 minutes earlier and fit in a brisk walk around your neighborhood.

3. Wake up at the Same Time

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In addition to getting enough sleep, consistently waking up at the same time (even on the weekends) can help you to have more energy during the day. Superstar Jennifer Lopez is known for leading a healthy lifestyle and reports waking up at the same time daily and sleeping for 8 hours a night. Getting your body on a wakeup schedule will help set your body’s clock so you’ll feel rested and refreshed!

4. Fuel up with Water

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If you want to have more energy while you’re at work or school, don’t allow yourself to get dehydrated! The Mayo Clinic states that sleepiness and headaches are both common symptoms of mild dehydration. Keep a large water bottle on your desk to remind yourself to drink water throughout the day to keep your energy up!

5. Eat Breakfast

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Do you often rush off to work before you get a chance to eat or drink anything? Or maybe you’re just not hungry in the morning. Either way, it might be a good idea to start taking time to eat breakfast before you start your day. Eating breakfast is an easy way to have more energy and fill up on nutrients. WedMD reports that studies show eating breakfast makes people feel better mentally and physically!

6. Break Routines

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Routines are nice. We’re familiar with them and they can help us become more efficient, but at the same time they can become ruts. Why not try breaking up your daily routine for a nice change of pace?! Instead of just going through the motions, spice up routine and try something different. Take a different route or just switch up the order in which you do things, little changes can make a huge difference!

7. Cut Back on the Sweets

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If you routinely depend on sugary sweets in order to have more energy, it’s actually working against you! Sugar gives us a nice jolt of energy at the beginning but we inevitably get a sugar crash and are left feeling tired and low. Combat low energy by eating healthy snacks in between meals, like yogurt or veggies to keep energy and blood sugars level all day!

8. Eat a Light Lunch

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Eating a large or heavy lunch is a sure way to feel lethargic and slow! There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a good meal, just don’t overdo it. Eat smaller portions or stick to lighter meals so that you’re not struggling to stay awake at your desk. Eat a big breakfast so you have the energy to plow through the morning’s tasks and keep lunch light!

9. Listen to Music

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Listening to your favorite song can do wonders for your energy! Listen to some music while working (if your office allows it) or on a break and boost your energy levels and productivity! Listening to music has been touted to reduce stress, stimulate our minds, help us sleep and more. Keep your MP3 player in your bag so you can engage in some quick music therapy any time of the day!

10. Dress up

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Putting some extra effort into your look can definitely help you put some more pep in your step! Seriously, you can’t help but feel happy and confident when you look like a million bucks! You don’t have to wear an evening gown to work, but looking polished will help you make good impressions and feel more professional!

There are lots of ways to have more energy and be more productive at work. Some of these tips might seem like they’d have very little to do with giving you an energy boost, but they really do help! Having more energy isn’t about downing caffeine or big surges of adrenaline. It’s all about developing healthy habits and making small changes that’ll make a huge impact in the long run! How do you stay energized at work?

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