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We live in a crazy world where we can sometimes feel a little out of kilter but there are some simple ways to be stronger and happier which I would like to share. We all deserve to be happy and to cultivate happiness in our lives but it can be easy to get caught up in events which deplete us of our energy and leave us feeling emotionally, spiritually and physically drained. So, in the interests of spreading a little equanimity, here are some of the ways to be stronger and happier which have helped me in my quest for calm in a crazy world.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one of the ways to be stronger and happier. Seeped in ancient practices, the idea of focusing on the present moment rather than being caught up in worries about the past or concerns about the future, is both liberating and powerful. One of the best books I have read on this subject, is by Jon Kabat-Zinn and is called "Wherever You Go, There You Are". It's a wonderful book about the importance of being in the present moment and is a must-read for anyone interested in mindfulness meditation.


Eat Right

It's so true - if you eat right, you will feel great. There are so many foods which lift your spirits and mood and there are foods which make your stronger. That doesn't mean you can't have the occasional 'cheat' day but it does mean that if you eat right most of the time, your body and mind will reap the benefits.


Laugh More

Having a sense of humour in life is essential, as is not taking yourself and life too seriously. Of course, there are serious things that happen in life which require us to be a little more serious but you should be smiling most of the time and you will feel instantly amazing as a consequence. The way I see it is we have two choices: we can either dwell on the negative or see the funny side of the situation. Laughter in life can really help you put things into perspective.


Get out

Getting out and about is another essential component to creating a stronger and happier you. Whether it's exercising or socialising, it's important to meet people and mingle and have fun. If you can, combine exercise with socialising.


Love Yourself More

I know, it's easier said than done. We are our own worst critic and chastise ourselves at every opportunity. The truth is, we need to love ourselves much more because as we do, we will be able to feel so much happier in all that we do and in the relationships we have with those around us.



Journaling is great. Putting your thoughts and feelings onto paper has been proven to have positive effects on the mind and can make you feel liberated and uplifted. If you can, write in a journal at least once a day.



Cultivating healthy relationships is another way to be stronger and happier. The relationships with those closest to you can suffer when all the other factors don't quite fit in place. For example, if you're unhappy with your body then you're likely to feel insecure in your relationships. All of these factors are therefore inextricably linked. Take a look at your relationships and see which ones are making you happy and which ones are draining you. It may be time to try and spend a little less time with those who do not have a positive impact in your life.

These are a few of what I believe to be some of the most important ways to be both stronger and happier in life. Can you think of any other ways?

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