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3 Amazing Ways to Beat Period Cramps for Girls Who Suffer ...

By OleMissGal

Have you ever felt like someone was stabbing you in the uterus during that time of the month? Then you need some ways to beat period cramps.

If that question left you with a painful flashback to your last menstrual cycle or you're currently suffering through it, here are a few remedies that will actually work to relieve those annoying period symptoms. Try any of these ways to beat period cramps and you'll feel so much better.

1 Avoid High-sodium Foods like You Would the Plague

One of the best ways to beat period cramps is to cut the salt. Sometimes when Aunt Flow is in town, all you want to do is finish off a pizza originally intended for a family of five. While it feels oh so delightful in the moment, salty foods like this will leave you feeling more bloated and sluggish than before, with even worse cramps.

Instead focus on eating a healthier, but still satisfying meal, like a hearty salad. It might not sound nearly as appetizing, but it will definitely leave you feeling more like your best skinny bitch self than that triple meat supreme pizza would have.

2 Heating Pads and Warm Baths Are Your New Best Friends

Nothing soothes an aching womb like a nice, warm heating pad. They come in a variety of styles, from ones that can be heated in the microwave to ones that easily plug into a wall socket. You can usually find these for an affordable price at your local superstore or pharmacy.

Taking a warm bath can also help to reduce muscle pains. Submerging in water is known to momentarily stop blood flow, offering a nice break from "shark week," so grab your favorite bath bomb and treat yourself to some much needed T.L.C.


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3 Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

While this may feel like the last thing you want to do when your vagina is bleeding out and you feel like a live-action version of Mr. Krabs's daughter in SpongeBob, exercise can relieve many of those uncomfortable period symptoms, like bloating and irritability.

Before you hit play on another episode of your favorite reality show, you might want to hit the treadmill instead.

For instant pain relief, you can take an NSAID, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, like ibuprofen.

Here's to not necessarily happy, but at least tolerable periods ahead!

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