9 Ways to Boost Your Immunity This Season ...

Since winter has officially started, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the natural ways to boost your immunity this season. No one wants to get sick and as busy as we all are, getting sick is not something we have time for. It is never too late to start incorporating some of these practices to enhance your immune system and stay healthy all year long. If you are on the search for simple, natural ways to boost your immunity and be well, do not miss out on these nine helpful tips!

1. Sleep

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Did you know that sleeping is one of best and most enjoyable ways to boost your immunity? Getting sufficient rest is very important for staying healthy and looking your best. The University of Chicago conducted a study on a group of students who only slept for four hours a night for six nights. They were later administered a flu shot and the researchers found that their immune system only produced about half of the normal number of antibodies as well rested individuals.

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