7 Ways to Combat Insomnia with Traditional Medicine ...

If you are looking for ways to combat insomnia but prefer not to take sleeping medication, then you may want to consider some remedies from traditional medicine for your sleep problems. Insomnia is characterized by an inability to sleep or a disturbance of sleep, and it is caused by any number of things, including stress, pain, food allergies, and medications. Over the years, I have experienced insomnia off and on and have come across a variety of ways to combat insomnia, some of which have been quite effective. Maybe some of these less conventional methods to treat insomnia can be helpful for you as well.

1. Flowervine

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Flowervine is used in Chinese medicine as one of the ways to combat insomnia and is also known as Ye Jiao Teng. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use it to calm the spirit and nourish the heart as well as to activate blood circulation and unblock channels. I have read that it is very useful for people who are fitful sleepers because of their dreams. Having not actually tried this remedy myself, I cannot attest to its usefulness. However, I do know that Chinese medicine can be quite effective, especially if a qualified practitioner oversees the use of the medicine.

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