Coping with Christmas when It's Not Your Favorite Time of Year ...


Coping with Christmas when It's Not Your Favorite Time of Year ...
Coping with Christmas when It's Not Your Favorite Time of Year ...

Christmas isn't everyone's favorite time of year but there are some ways to cope with Christmas that I would like to share. There are many possible reasons why Christmas can be difficult to cope with and whilst many people assume that every single person will be having so much fun around this time, it can be a painful time for some. Maybe you have lost a loved one around the Christmas period or something has happened which makes the festive season a little difficult to deal with. Whatever the reason, here are some ways to cope with Christmas.

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Get Support

One of the ways to cope with Christmas when it's not your favorite time of year is to get support. Whether it's through professional channels, close friends, family or work colleagues, the key is that people are aware that this is a challenging time of year for you. Don't be afraid to speak to people about your feelings. You often find out who your real friends are during times of difficulty and the people who matter the most will be there through the good times and the bad.


Take Your Mind off It

I know it's difficult when the Christmas music is playing in every single store and on most radio stations, but there are also some ways in which you can take your mind off your troubles. The key is to keep busy. Maybe you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter and help others for whom Christmas is also a difficult time. Knowing that you're not alone can be comforting.


Take a Vacation

Another way in which you can deal with the holidays when you hate Christmas is to just get away from it all. Maybe a change of scenery will make you feel better and enable you to make new memories. Maybe you just need some time alone. Often, a change is as good as a rest.



It can be difficult if there are traditions that remind you of a particular person during the holiday season. Honor that person you miss by keeping up the traditions. Also, you could make some new traditions to make you all feel good about the holiday season again. It may never be the same but it can still be a happy time.


This Too Shall Pass

One thing to remember is that although things may feel painful and unbearable now, these difficult times are sure to pass. You may be feeling incredible pain and loss now but it will get better in time and although you will always miss the special people you have lost, it does get easier. Making plans for the future can also help. Looking to the year ahead and knowing that it's a chance to make plans, can make you feel positive about the future and all it has to offer you.


Time to Grieve

One of the key things is that you allow yourself time to grieve. Don't suppress these feelings and do whether you need to do to enable you to cope with it, whether it's through journaling or speaking to people around you about your feelings. Give yourself permission to cry if that's what you want to do. It will certainly help with the grieving process.


Be Good to Yourself

It's also important to look after yourself at this time of year. This means eating well and exercising and taking all the necessary measures to make sure you are well. Exercise can be just as effective as anti-depressants. Charles Dickens stated that walking helped him overcome his depression. Excessive drinking and eating the wrong foods will only make you feel worse so as tempting as it might be, avoid overindulging and get outdoors instead.

These are a few ways to cope with Christmas when it's not your favorite time of year. Maybe you have first-hand experience. Can you think of any other ways to cope?


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I am glad this was written bc like so many not everyone has a "merry" Christmas. I think it might be hard for some friends family understand and don't bring them down if they are having fun so always see if the party is truly receptive before sharing

Netflix! If I see 1 more Xmas commercial on tv...........😫

Great article!

Good info my mother passed away a week before Christmas 6 years ago and it's hard every year ...

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