5 Ways to Ease πŸ™ the Stress πŸ˜– of the Holiday Season πŸŽ„ ...

Ok ladies, it’s time to get in formation for the holiday season! This can often be the most stressful time of the year because we try so hard to make it the most perfect time of the year. Are you looking for ways to ease the pressure of the holidays?

As we all know, with trying to entertain family, friends and other guests, comes expectations and intense pressure to pull it all off flawlessly. To calm some of the jitters, here are five easy ways to ease the pressure of the holidays.

1. Forget Perfection

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One of the best ways to ease the pressure of the holidays is to forget about being perfect. I know, it’s hard for all the self-proclaimed perfectionists not to worry about every single detail when it comes to this season. But, sometimes it’s best not to obsess. More than likely your guests won’t even notice or be bothered by a little tinsel hair here and there, or a missing gumdrop from the roof of the gingerbread house. Everything doesn’t always have to go according to plan. In fact, some of the best memories are made from a little imperfection.

2. Go out and Explore

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Yes, get out of the house. For the sake of our sanity, we shouldn’t stay home all day locked away from all the buzzing and excitement. Go to the community Christmas tree lighting, go out for dinner, or even go out and see the new corny holiday movie. I promise you won’t regret a little outdoor, non-party planning activity. We all need a little balance this time of the year.

3. Stay Active

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Even if you’re not very active throughout the year, now is the time to get on it. The holidays are filled with delicious food and treats that can sneak up on you and add some pounds. Unexpectedly gaining weight can stress you out. Walking, jogging, yoga, basic cardio in your make-shift home gym and even more extreme activities like snowboarding and sledding can help you avoid sneaky calories.

4. Try New Things

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This may be a big risk, but it’s often worthwhile. Adding some new Christmas ornaments to your collection, making a surprise dessert for Christmas dinner, or even a theme twist, like a Christmas Masquerade Ball or a Santa’s Workshop Party, can really add to your holiday arsenal this year. Getting everyone to dress up and get involved can really drive some excitement and add new memories this season.

5. Treat Yourself

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It may be hard, but it’s important not to forget yourself or always put everyone first. We get so worried about everyone and everything else that we forget ourselves. While shopping around for decorations and gifts, treat yourself to something nice like a new sweater, some makeup, jewelry, or maybe even all three!

These five, easy tips are sure to help curb the holiday stress and make this season a banger!

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