7 Ways to Eat Healthy without Trying ...


7 Ways to Eat Healthy without Trying ...
7 Ways to Eat Healthy without Trying ...

It seems like everyone is trying to find a balance between ways to eat healthy and ways to enjoy our food. Eating healthy does not have to be difficult or a constant battle for good over yummy, there are ways to literally have our cake and eat it too. Follow these seven tips on ways to be healthy and you just might be surprised how easy and yummy healthy eating can be.

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Have a Good Breakfast

I know, I know, we have been hearing this since we were young and most of us still skip breakfast in the morning. I am guilty of it as well, but eating a good breakfast can make a big impact on the success of eating healthy throughout the day. Although this may be one of the hardest ways to eat healthy on the list, it is important. Start your day with a good mix of protein and complex carbs. A great day starter would be a veggie omelet or meal bar with low sugar and fat content.


Snack Often

Our metabolism works best when we keep them going. By snacking 2-3 times throughout the day, we are keeping our metabolism going almost constantly, meaning less food will be stored and more will be burned. Snacking will also curb bad cravings and stop our bodies from going into the dreaded starvation mode. Good snacks are veggies low in sugars, nuts (just a few), rice crackers, and snack bars low in sugar and fat.


Food Swap

If you are one of those who must have dessert, or chips, or a coffee, that is fine. There are ways that we can still enjoy all of this without guilt or 3-hour gym trips. Curb those dessert cravings with some Jello topped with a small amount of whipped cream for fewer calories and way less fat. Chips can be easily subbed out for nuts or kale chips that will still give that super satisfying salty crunch, and one coffee a day is actually good for us. Just reduce all the extras that go into that coffee for a much healthier drink.


Eat Early

One of the biggest problems many of us face is eating before we go to sleep. Eating late can cause massive gastrointestinal issues and reduce our metabolic rate. To avoid this, try not to eat anything at least 2-hours before bedtime. A great rule of thumb is to not eat any food after 10 pm.


Time Your Treats

Did you know there are times when our bodies absorb certain foods better? If you are going to eat a high amount of fats and sugary carbs, eat them in the morning. Eating that bad stuff in the morning gives our bodies more time to burn it off. If you have a sweet tooth that is not going away, the best time to eat that sweet treat is in the mid afternoon when our bodies can process those sugars more easily. See, I told you we could have our cake and eat it too!


Go Veggie

I love pizza, probably more than any one person should love a food. Unfortunately, there is almost no redeeming quality of that cheesy goodness health-wise. For those times when I would kill a small village for a pizza, I opt for veggie. Veggie pizzas can have less that half the carbs and fats as meat lovers or plain cheese. This is because there is no artery clogging fat from the meats and there is less room for the cheese. Guilt-free splurge.



A great and super easy way to stay healthy is to always carry a bottle of water with you. Water is one of the best ways to stay on track for your health and fitness goals; it reduces bloating, curbs hunger, helps keep skin firm, and is needed for proper daily function. Whenever you begin to feel hungry for a not-so-healthy snack, drink at least 8-ounces of water instead. Chances are your will not be too hungry afterwards.

There we are, seven ways to eat healthy that are not too painful. These are some of my best tricks for curbing unhealthy eating and staying on track for fitness goals without trying too hard. What are some of your best tricks for staying healthy?

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I feel like i would gain more weight following this advice rather than losing :s

If you want to lose weight- DO NOT SNACK ON ANYTHING. Eat three healthy meals, not six. It's not good for your body to have your stomach constantly working to digest food. Instead of a snack drink water or tea. Most people are chronically dehydrated.

Hahaha, sometimes i feel i could kill a small village for pizza, mmmmm pizzaaa .. =

I am not a veggie fan when it comes to meal time, but eating them for a light snack doesn't sound bad at all. These ideas are great!

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