9 Ways to Have a Fit Pregnancy ...


9 Ways to Have a Fit Pregnancy ...
9 Ways to Have a Fit Pregnancy ...

With morning sickness and raging hormones, it is natural to feel as though finding ways to have a fit pregnancy is the least of your priorities. Yet, despite feeling utterly horrible at some points, breaking out your sneakers and getting a little active is the best thing for you and your bump. Not only will staying fit make the birth easier, you may even save yourself from pregnancy insomnia and restless legs. To make things a little easier, here are a few ways to have a fit pregnancy.

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Get Walking

Get Walking Out of all the ways to have a fit pregnancy, walking is a key favorite. This is in part because it doesn’t require any special gear. When you try wearing a sports bra during your third trimester, you will probably see what I am talking about here. Mainly, it is because fresh air can tackle some of pregnancy’s most unforgiving experiences. This includes morning sickness, feeling fatigued, and irritability.


Give Pregnancy Yoga a Go

Give Pregnancy Yoga a Go At times you will feel zen as a pregnant woman, at other times you will feel angry at the world. Fortunately, a little dose of pregnancy yoga is pretty appropriate during both of those times. Don’t worry, you won’t have to invoke any Madonna-esque poses or reach pro level. Simple stretches and specially formed moves can increase the blood flow to your uterus and tone your pelvic floor. If anything, it beats sticking to just performing pelvic floor exercises.


Indulge in Pregnancy Aqua Aerobics

Indulge in Pregnancy Aqua Aerobics Understandably, a lot of pregnant women want to roll their eyes at the thought of pregnancy fitness, especially when their aching pelvises don’t allow for most regimes! Fortunately for those of us who experience horrendous round limbic pains and SPD, there is aqua aerobics. Alongside other glowing women, you can bounce around to the instruction of a professional quite happily. The buoyancy of the water will support your muscles. A great bonus - you may even meet a few new friends along the way.


Go Swimming

Go Swimming Okay, so not everyone wants to bounce around with other pregnant ladies. Sometimes, it is lovely to just be alone. For those who prefer a solitary exercising experience, swimming is a dream. Pop on a maternity costume, break out your goggles, and head down to your nearest pool. Much like aqua aerobics, this is a great way to enjoy buoyancy, and if you are prepared to do it froggy style your pelvic floor muscles will thank you later. For added peace, try going first thing in the morning.


Hit the Gym

Hit the Gym Nobody expects you to pump iron when your bump is growing, but hitting the gym is definitely a good way to battle some of pregnancy’s less graceful side-effects. From constipation to sluggish circulation, a gym session that is in line with your usual fitness levels can make pregnancy a little breezier. If you are already a gym bunny, head along, steer clear of overly heavy weights, and listen to your body’s fatigue cues when you use machines. For those who are yet to walk through a gym’s doors: now really is a great time to start! Just make sure you talk over your condition with an instructor and take on board their machine induction advice. To break yourself in gently, take a little walk on the nearest treadmill.


Use Hand Weights

Use Hand Weights Your hand weights can soon become your best friends when you are pregnant. From simple bicep curls to doing the fly — an exercise that involves lying on your back and bringing your weights together above your head — all will be a HUGE help when it comes to your postpartum recovery. You probably can’t stop your stomach muscles from expanding altogether, because prostaglandins are working against you. You can, however, keep yourself toned, which makes your postpartum recovery easier. If you feel like being amazingly efficient, try walking with some small handweights.


Guzzle Water

Guzzle Water Pregnancy fitness isn’t all about how you get your heart pumping and where you do it. Your circulation explodes when you are pregnant. Okay, so it doesn’t do thus literally, but it can increase by up to 50 percent. With a growing infant demanding sustenance via your placenta and your circulation growing, you need to up your water intake. Don’t worry, you do not need to be fanatical here. Just carry a large bottle with you as you exercise and go about your day, and you won’t find your usual thirst cues disrupting your workouts.


Sleep Lots

Sleep Lots Even when we reach the second trimester and feel ourselves come back to life, getting lots of sleep is essential. With your heart pumping four times harder and progesterone depleting your usually awesome energy reserves, you may feel tired no matter what you do. Get as much sleep as you can at night and throw caution to the wind by taking naps during the day if pregnancy insomnia begins to haunt you. When you feel less fatigued, you have the motivation you need to throw yourself back into fitness.


Do It in Twos, or Threes, or Fours

Do It in Twos, or Threes, or Fours If you really, really cannot motivate yourself, buddy up with someone. Nobody understands a pregnant woman like a pregnant woman, so try finding a friend at your prenatal classes. Together you can get fit and discuss everything from bumps to breasts. Whether you rant, cry, or laugh, working alongside someone else to stay healthy is going to make the process more enjoyable. If you get lucky, the friends you make will last for a while.

Above all, getting fit when you are pregnant needs to be fun. Make it a chore or a bore and you might find yourself fizzling out spectacularly fast. Do what feels best for you and don’t be afraid to change things up a little. Do you have any other tips to share?

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