9 Ways to Have a Fit Pregnancy ...

With morning sickness and raging hormones, it is natural to feel as though finding ways to have a fit pregnancy is the least of your priorities. Yet, despite feeling utterly horrible at some points, breaking out your sneakers and getting a little active is the best thing for you and your bump. Not only will staying fit make the birth easier, you may even save yourself from pregnancy insomnia and restless legs. To make things a little easier, here are a few ways to have a fit pregnancy.

1. Get Walking

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Out of all the ways to have a fit pregnancy, walking is a key favorite. This is in part because it doesn’t require any special gear. When you try wearing a sports bra during your third trimester, you will probably see what I am talking about here. Mainly, it is because fresh air can tackle some of pregnancy’s most unforgiving experiences. This includes morning sickness, feeling fatigued, and irritability.

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