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7 Ways to Heal a Broken Metabolism Quickly ...

By Heather

Chronic dieting, overeating, starving, or eating the wrong foods can wreck your metabolism, but it is possible to heal a broken metabolism with some essential wellness tips. To take care of your metabolism, you need to get enough rest, eat certain foods that stimulate the metabolism, get exercise but not overdo it, and be sure to follow these 7 sure ways to heal a broken metabolism in the meantime. You’ll be more energized, feel better than ever, and your body will start to work exactly how it was meant to.

1 Eat a Variety

Eat a Variety Chronic dieting depletes your body of minerals, certain food groups, and makes your body have to work harder to provide you energy, so to heal a broken metabolism, you need to start with your food. Dieting is not what your metabolism needs, but instead, it needs a variety of healthy foods. Eat a variety of lean protein, vegetables, low glycemic starches, and plenty of healthy fats. You can’t deprive your body and expect it to give you energy.

2 Enough Salt

Enough Salt What if I told you that going too low in the sodium department can actually hurt your metabolism? It’s true. Salt is actually an essential source of minerals, and not just sodium. Sodium is important to a quick metabolism though, and foregoing all sources of salt is a sure way to become low in energy quickly. I advise to eat more forms of healthy sea salt than refined salt, and try to get most of your sodium through naturally sodium rich foods, but don’t be afraid of added salt either. While too much can be a bad thing, being low in sodium can actually hurt your body’s natural furnace, aka your metabolism. My favorite way to get healthy amounts of salt is to use Himalayan sea salt in soups, in salad dressings, and on salads, and to eat natural sources of sodium such as yogurt, celery, organic mustard, non-GMO almond milk, and seaweeds like dulse, which have natural sodium in them. I always notice greater energy when I add healthy salts to my diet than when I go completely salt-free.

3 Lean Protein

Lean Protein Lean protein is just what your body needs to pick itself up again. Eat more easily absorbed forms from hemp seeds, chia seeds, fish, organic yogurt, eggs, and lean poultry if you eat meat. These forms are much more digestive friendly and easier to absorb than beans and legumes. Beans and legumes may have their benefits, but they actually contain certain ingredients that block nutrient absorption in the gut, which isn’t what your slacking metabolism needs. Forego them for easier to absorb and digest varieties like those mentioned here.

4 Exercise a Little, Not a Lot

Exercise a Little, Not a Lot Your body needs to move each and everyday, but too much can actually wreck your metabolism, not help it. Instead of exercising to the point of exhaustion, or pulling two-a-days, try just exercising once a day at a moderate pace for 45 minutes, and keep it to an hour max. Overdoing it can actually cause your body to believe it is stressed, and it will conserve energy by lowering your metabolism as a result.

5 Stress Less

Stress Less Stress is like pouring alcohol on an open flame when it comes to a broken metabolism. It will hinder your metabolism and immune system quickly. To fix that without much effort, make it a point to add stress reducing techniques like deep breathing, hot baths, yoga, and get up early each day if you have to in order to make this happen. Your immune system, sanity, and metabolism depend on it!

6 Sleep Enough

Sleep Enough Many people live off 6 to 7 hours of sleep or night, but your body actually prefers 7-9 at a minimum. Sleeping more can help your body produce enough DHEA, which is an essential hormone that increases your metabolism. DHEA is only made by your body through enough deep sleep. Go to bed earlier and wake up after 9 hours of sleep for a week. Do what you have to do to make it work. I promise you’ll see results in your energy and soon, your weight.

7 Add Boosters

Add Boosters Finally, I’d like to share with you some boosters, which are natural foods and drinks that have been linked to healing a broken metabolism. These boosters are items anyone can add to their diet each day to see results. Hopefully, they’ll help you like they’ve helped me! These include cayenne pepper in small amounts and black pepper on salads and entrees, green tea, spirulina in my smoothies, and one cup of coffee per day, which is actually fine for your health as long as you don’t overdo it. You should also be sure to eat enough fats, which are natural boosters to the metabolism. These include raw nuts and seeds, raw coconut oil, and healthy fats like avocados. These nourish the thyroid, which increases your metabolism naturally. Just be sure to avoid added sugars, refined grains, and stay away from processed food when adding these boosters. No matter what a label says, if it has added sugar, refined grains, and is highly processed, it’s just a marketing gimmick, not your metabolism’s friend!

With these tips to heal your broken metabolism, hopefully you’ll be more energized and feeling better before you know it. What’s your biggest metabolism struggle?

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