7 Ways to Heal a Broken Metabolism Quickly ...

Chronic dieting, overeating, starving, or eating the wrong foods can wreck your metabolism, but it is possible to heal a broken metabolism with some essential wellness tips. To take care of your metabolism, you need to get enough rest, eat certain foods that stimulate the metabolism, get exercise but not overdo it, and be sure to follow these 7 sure ways to heal a broken metabolism in the meantime. You’ll be more energized, feel better than ever, and your body will start to work exactly how it was meant to.

1. Eat a Variety

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Chronic dieting depletes your body of minerals, certain food groups, and makes your body have to work harder to provide you energy, so to heal a broken metabolism, you need to start with your food. Dieting is not what your metabolism needs, but instead, it needs a variety of healthy foods. Eat a variety of lean protein, vegetables, low glycemic starches, and plenty of healthy fats. You can’t deprive your body and expect it to give you energy.

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