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Come on girls, I think it is our duty to help our men celebrate Movember. They support us when we ask them to for breast cancer, so it’s only right that we reciprocate. And if they don’t, let’s do it anyway because it might just give them something to think about the next time you ask them to sponsor you for a pink ribbon event. So having said this, I have presumed you know what Movember is. If you don’t, Movember is, essentially, the month of November dedicated to men’s health, with particular focus on male cancers, and the reason it is MO-vember is because the theme and talisman of the movement is the moustache. Begun in Australia in 2004, it has gone global and is now among the top 100 NGOs in the world. Initially the idea was for men to participate by growing a moustache – but boy, how it has moved on. Check out these ways to help your man celebrate Movember, get involved, have fun and raise awareness.

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Support Him

Ok, you hate moustaches (I loathe facial hair on men, I must admit), but the easiest of all ways to help support your man and celebrate Movember is to be positive when he says he is going to grow a moustache. Encourage him and put up with it. After all, it’s only for a month. If you love it, you might even be able to persuade him to keep it beyond Movember.


Be the Cheering Section

Movember is about solidarity and brotherhood. You can help your man out by being head cheerleader. Help him persuade his guy pals that they should be joining the fuzzy upper lip brigade. Talk to the girlfriends of his mates to enlist them to your cheerleading squad.


Use Your PR Skills

It’s ok being the cheering section but when we celebrate Movember, it’s important to remember that there’s a serious side too. As well as heading up the cheering section, become a one-woman PR department for the month. Download info to pass out to your man, his pals and your own guy friends. Share it with your male colleagues. Guys are sensitive when it comes to discussing their “bits” with women and they’ll appreciate a good informative handout more than trying to discuss testicular examinations with you. Spread the word using social media too, by sharing links to Movember websites and men’s health sites with special Movember features.


Be FundRaiser Extraordinaire

Offer to co-ordinate the fundraising efforts. It’s so easy these days to set up a donations page. Register your newly-created Movember team online and keep it updated with all your Movember efforts. Remember to cross link to your Movember social media too, to gain maximum exposure.



It will be one time your man won’t be able to complain about you shopping too much when you come back from a trip to the mall with moustache-themed goodies. The great news is that thanks to the prominence of Movember, there are some really cute, on-trend moustache-themed items available in things to wear and things for the home. Buy him a pair of moustache printed socks or a tie for work, or a moustache cushion for his favorite chair. If you’re clever, you’ll buy official Movember products where some of the proceeds go to the charity.


Organize Events

Essentially, when you celebrate Movember, it is no different to any other fundraising. Think about ways you can help raise money. You don’t have to do anything elaborate. And no one said that a girl’s coffee morning can’t work just as well for Movember as it does for Marie Curie Day.


Show Solidarity

Let’s not forget the main message and this is concern for our man’s health. Ask him if he checks his own testicles – but only if you check your own breasts – it would be unfair otherwise. Book an annual checkup for both of you at the same time. Depending on your ages, you might also consider going for a mammogram and a prostate scan. This is a great opportunity to learn together and have concern for each other’s health.

So, are you going to help your man celebrate Movember? What things have you got planned or are you still thinking about it?

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I've never heard of Movember, thanks for sharing ! :-) also never met a man, unless they lost a woman in their family due to breast cancer to even care about October..


I've never met a man who was willing to do these things for breast cancer awareness month. Movember is a bro thing, the only thing we need to do is learn how to kiss the caterpillar that will be taking up residency on our men's upper lips this month

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