5. Avocados

One of my top favorite foods for boosting my mood are avocados. In fact, I usually eat one every single day, usually with lunch. Avocados are unique because they include B6 and folic acid in a combination that makes them extremely powerful for taming anxiety, relieving stress, inflammation, and increasing serotonin production in the brain. Their fats also play a critical role in this process as they are not only heart-healthy fats, but also boost nutrient uptake of the B6 and folic acid from avocados. This helps your body absorb these nutrients more efficiently and faster. I love avocados chopped on salads, thrown into smoothies, made into dips and dressings and even into raw pudding mixed with a little cacao and stevia. Don’t fear the fats in avocados. They are crucial to depression prevention and will not lead to weight gain with an overall balanced diet.