7 Ways to Improve Your Posture Now ...


7 Ways to Improve Your Posture Now ...
7 Ways to Improve Your Posture Now ...

If you want to look taller, slimmer and feel better overall, you’ve got to read up on these simple ways to improve posture! Our posture can say a lot about ourselves and we want to convey a positive and confident message with our body language. If you slouch and have bad posture and are tired of it, read these 7 easy ways to improve posture and give yourself a health boost!

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Play a Mind Trick

One of the easiest ways to improve posture that really works is to imagine a balloon tied to a string attached to the top of your head and pulling it up. In most cases, it’ll prompt you to instantly straighten up and sit or stand taller. Keep practicing this little mind trick daily for a few weeks and it’ll eventually become second nature!


Get Moving

If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, it can be hard to keep your spine straight and sit tall all day. Another super easy way to fix bad posture is to get up and move around! Spending an extended period of time in the same position causes muscles to tire, which can cause us to slump. Combat this phenomenon by getting up and moving around for a few minutes every half hour!


Sole Search

Another easy way to improve posture while you sit is to ensure that the soles of your feet are both planted on the ground. I love to cross my legs when I sit but I’ve noticed that I end up slouching or sitting in an awkward position as a result. Keep both feet planted on the ground to help remind you to stay straight up!


Give Heels a Break

Staying on the topic of shoes, if you want to have good posture, it’s imperative that you give your high heels a break now and then. High heels look great but they put pressure on your forefoot, which can alter your body’s sense of balance and throw your spine out of alignment! Feel free to wear your sky high shoes but make sure to wear some sensible shoes throughout the week too!


Get Support

If you have bad posture and try your best to sit and stand straight as possible, maybe you need some support. If you spend most of your day sitting, make sure your chair offers your back the support that it needs and use a chair that’s made for sitting in for longer periods of time. Also, check out your workstation to ensure that your computer, desk and chair are all at the right height and adjusted to fit you.


Be Confident

A sure way to get some pep in your step and to have better posture is to be confident! Even if you have to fake it at first, just imagine being more confident and it can help you to stand taller and appear more confident. In fact, a study by Ohio State University found that sitting up straight in your chair also affects confidence in your own thoughts. Think confident, be confident!


Be Mindful

Bad posture can be the result of various things, but if we want to improve it, we have to be mindful of posture throughout the day. Leave visual cues for yourself to sit and stand straight, like leaving yourself a note or making it a habit to stretch and elongate your spine at certain intervals throughout your day.

Bad posture can be a result of a bad habit that can be hard to break, so it’s important to keep at it and you’ll soon see results. Use these simple ways to improve posture to start looking and feeling better every day! How do you remind yourself to have good posture?

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