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You need to know ways to keep cool on summer nights, since it’s horrible tossing and turning all night because it’s too hot to sleep. We all know the hazards of a poor night’s sleep, and if you get up and have to face trying to keep cool in the daytime after a night of the same, your summer is not going to be much fun. Here’s a number of ways to keep cool on summer nights so you can sleep soundly.

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Choose Cotton

Say goodbye to the ooh-la-la silk, satin, and polyester sheets. One of the best ways to keep cool on summer nights is to stick with light-colored bed linens – opt for the ones made of lightweight Egyptian cotton. Since cotton is breathable, it will promote ventilation and keep you cool.


Chill the Sheets

Want to slip into extra cool sheets? Pack your sheets in a plastic bag and then stick them in the freezer for some time before you go to bed. Using a plastic bag will keep that eau de frozen pizza scent from clinging to your sheets. Of course, this method won't keep you cool for a very long time, but it will protect you from heat long enough to fall asleep.


Use a Hot Water Bottle

Yes, we're sharing tips for staying cool, but a hot water bottle is a piece of art, really. If you get it filled with boiling water, it provides you toasty toes in winter. In summer, you can replace boiling water with icy cold water to create your very own bed-friendly ice pack.


Get Loose

Less is usually more in so many situations, and the same is the case when you talk about summertime jammies. Going fully nude is definitely an option, but if you prefer nightwear choose loose cotton nightshirts or PJs. PJs with shorts are better than long pants.


Make Your Own Air Conditioner

This interesting tip is from the icebox era, but it definitely serves the purpose. Get yourself a shallow bowl or a roasting pan and fill it completely with ice. Now, place it in front of your fan – your DIY air conditioner is ready!


Be an Egyptian in Summer

One of the interesting ways to sleep better in summer is to behave like Nile-dwellers, who knew how to beat the heat and humidity with ease. You just need to get a towel or sheet soaked in cool water and use it as your special blanket on hot nights.


Cool down Pulse Points

Get ice packs, or even a cold water bottle will do the job. Apply these ice packs exactly to pulse points at the wrists, elbows, neck, ankles, groin, and behind the knees. Already feeling cool, huh?


Sleep Alone

Forget about those romantic nights when the nights are extra sticky. Sleep alone to feel cooler. It's no secret that cuddling with a partner will increase body heat, making you feel as if you're in a sticky, sweaty pit of despair. Sorry love bugs, you have to avoid it. No spooning allowed!


Enjoy a Cross-Breeze

One of many ways to keep cool on summer nights is to create a cross-breeze. Place a fan across from a window in a way that you get the wind from outside as well as the fan to create a cooling effect. Consider going buck-wild and place multiple fans in your room to improve the airflow.


Make Your Own Bed

No, it's not a tiresome DIY project, and only involves rigging up a hammock in your room. The idea is to suspend your bed on all sides to improve airflow.



It always offers positive benefits to get a leg up on hydration. Even a couple of cups of water before bed will save you from dehydration that occurs from tossing and turning at night. Go get some H2O to feel cooler and comfortable on summer nights.

If you’ve been frustrated by being unable to sleep when the temperature soars, try some of these methods. If you’ve got some other ways to cool down for better summer sleep, what are they? Please share!

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