8 Ways to Keep from Gaining Extra Weight ...


8 Ways to Keep from Gaining Extra Weight ...
8 Ways to Keep from Gaining Extra Weight ...

Gaining extra weight can really put a damper on your spirits, not to mention your wardrobe! It’s never a bad thing to try and learn how to not gain extra weight. It’s not always a matter of dieting or extreme exercise, although those things can certainly help. Sometimes, you just need to make a few healthy little tweaks here and there so you don’t gain extra weight! Here are my top tips and ideas so that you can learn how not to gain extra weight!

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Eat Breakfast

My number one tip to avoid gaining extra weight is to never skip breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It prepares and fuels you, and gives you energy to get through the day. Skipping breakfast will encourage unhealthy snacking later in the morning when your body needs something to rev it up. Breakfast also helps to get your digestive system going. Have something healthy, like fruit, toast, oatmeal, cereal, eggs, or a smoothie.


Cut out Sodas

Want to know how to not gain extra weight? Try cutting out sodas. According to publichealthadvocacy.org, the average American consumes about 50 gallons of soda per year. Now that’s enough to pack the pounds onto anybody when you consider that there’s around 130 calories+ in one can of soda! If you can’t give them up completely, limit your intake of them. And start drinking water! Water should be your primary beverage and you should consume twice as much water as any other beverage per day. And no, the water in tea and coffee doesn’t count.


Snack the Healthy Way

A great method for how to not gain extra weight is to snack the healthy way! Go through your house, car, purse, and desk drawer and toss all junk food, candy, and sweets. Replace them with fruit, nuts, yogurt, pretzels, raisins, granola bars, crackers, string cheese, fresh veggies, and other healthy and wholesome snacks. That way, when you have the urge to nosh, or need something to give you a burst of energy, you will only have healthy options! Chewing gum and mints are okay for candy options. And actually, a little chocolate never hurt anybody. Really!


Fit in Moderate Exercise

When you don’t want to gain extra weight, remember you don’t have to slam the gym night and day! But a little moderate exercise, at least twice a week is perfect for avoiding excessive weight gain! Take a brisk walk around your block or bike to work if you don’t have time to fit in 30 minutes twice weekly at the gym. If you do hit up the gym, make good use of your time and check out the gym equipment, running tracks and volleyball/tennis courts as well as the fitness classes your gym may offer.


Limit Sweets

That second or third piece of cake every night after dinner may start to show up in your thighs if you don’t heed this warning on how to not gain extra weight! Learn to limit your sweets to at least one serving. Desserts and candy are often one of the main culprits for helping you gain extra weight. That’s because sugar just sits there and turns into fat! So watch the amount of sweets you consume.

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Establish a Pattern

Establish a healthy eating pattern. One of the main reasons for gaining extra weight is eating at weird hours. Your body needs to be on a pattern so that your digestive system can work properly. Try to eat around the same times every day, and avoid eating between meals or after 7:00 pm.


Eat Healthy

Here’s how to not gain extra weight, and not even try at it! It’s very simple; just eat healthy. Most people don’t realize that by just eating real food and having a balanced diet that you can stop carrying around extra weight! Stop eating fast foods and processed foods, and eat more veggies, fruits, and whole grains and lean meats. You’ll be surprised at the difference in not only your weight gain, but also your energy levels and your complexion.


Have a Positive Body Image

This is probably the best tip of all tips for how to not gain extra weight. You MUST have a positive body image. Constant criticism, feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem will only bring you down. Surround yourself with positive people and positive energies. Do what you can to stay healthy, and know that nothing else matters!

Personally, I’ve never struggled with excessive weight gain. But many of my friends have, and I have had to deal with a few extra pounds here and there. After lots of research and practice, I’ve discovered that these tips are the best to help you keep from gaining extra weight. If you still struggle and seem to gain extra weight even after putting these tips into practice, you should visit a doctor to see if there is an underlying issue. What do YOU do to keep from gaining extra weight? Please share your tips below on how to not gain extra weight!

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Learn About Health At Every Size and stop worrying about weight for good-

I need to start following this list. How do I stop eating sweets or just stop binging? I always have at least one binge a day and I need to stop it!

I just try not to think about food, unless I'm planning a certain recipe or something special. The same thing goes for controlling acne and for getting a better body overall. Just don't think, and don't worry!

Drinking water really does help! After an incident where I got dehydrated I drink water all the time. I have lost about three pounds alone just by drinking plenty of water every day!

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