10 Ways to Love Your Boobs ...

By Andra

10 Ways to Love Your Boobs ...

Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes but the one thing that they have in common is that they are amazing. Guest contributor Andra Henderson shares a few fabulous ways to show your boobs some love!

As a woman, part of loving yourself as a whole is loving your body; in this case I'm focusing on boobage. After years of prayers, chants, and rain dances for bigger boobs I gave up, accepted my membership into the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and learned to love my girls as is. Here are 10 tips on how to do just that, for the big, small and inbetween.

Table of contents:

  1. nip judgement in the bud
  2. support your fellow gals
  3. speaking of support ...
  4. take it off
  5. ohh baby, baby!
  6. just a touch of love
  7. don't forget to brush - your breasts! ...wait ... what?
  8. feeling peckish
  9. don't neglect upstairs when you're playing downstairs
  10. give a little bit


Come on! I had to! Sorry for being such a boob.
When I was 11 years old I was one of the first girls in my class to develop on the top floor, and as a tomboy, I hated it. Suddenly, track and field was a pain in the boob. But then, while my other girl friends started developing, I suddenly stopped. We always want what we don't have and I began to envy the cleavage of all around me. Like a man, all I saw at first when I looked at a woman were boobs. Boobs that mocked me!

Acceptance of your boobs is crucial to loving them right. One must realize that everyone's girls are different - some are big, some are small, some are asymmetrical (unless you're not au natural), some are round, some are pointy enough to show directions hands free, some have saucy saucer nipples, some have tempting tiny nipples, some have light nipples, some have dark nipples, some have battle wounds from a fight courageously won - but they are ALL just right!


Women need to support one another. Sister love is so essential and it truly angers me when we turn against each other. The more you love and accept others, the more you love yourself, so praise the breasts around you! Unite in the power that is your femininity.


The right bra can do wonders! The wrong bra can prove disastrous! If you have the means to do so, invest in some really well-made, quality bras. They last longer and in my opinion they fit better, so it's worth it. Most important though is that you make sure to have a bra fitting once a year, give or take. Anytime you gain or lose weight your boobs change too. An ill-fitting bra provides little to zero support, can lead to back pain, and doesn't do anything pretty for you in the fashion dept. A bra fitting only takes about 15mins or less and it's really quite, dare I say, uplifting!

4 TAKE IT off

Now that you've gotten some fabulous, perfectly fitting bras take those bad boys right off! That's, right! Though wearing a bra is great for support, like a great friend, you wouldn't want either around 24/7! The ladies need to be free to just be sometimes. You KNOW how good it feels after a long day to come home and unlatch that bra! Wearing a bra all the time is not good for your circulatory system. It's not healthy for your breasts to be confined all the time. So set 'em free and let those babies bounce.


For the yummy mummy, breast feeding is number one for a baby's health. It's how you provide your children all your immunities and antibodies and of course it is also the greatest way to create a bond between mother and child. When you breast feed your baby you are nourishing and caring for a human life. There is so much love in that. Feel no public shame for doing so. You are a Queen, and any who shame you for this natural and beautiful act are the fools.


Take care of your boobs by giving them a massage. Massage activates your lymphatic system which helps to release toxins. Toxic buildup can lead to all kinds of diseases, in this case specifically, breast cancer. Massage also helps to keep boobs perky and firm. Healthy, perky and firm - yes please! My favourite product to massage with is a high quality virgin coconut oil. Also, the more you touch your boobs the more you get to know them and the more you can be aware of anything that feels different or wrong, such as lumps or bumps. Get massaging!


Sounds silly, but it isn't! Dry brushing your breasts does wonders. A dry brush can be found at most health food stores. Since boobs are mostly fat, and fat stores toxins, it is extremely beneficial to your health to dry brush daily. Like massage, this is another great way to get your blood flowing, the toxins going, and your girls youthfully glowing.


When you workout, don't forget about those pecs! Throw a few pectoral-muscle exercises into your workout regimen. It keeps breasts nice and firm, AND for fellow members of the IBTC, building up the muscle behind your boobs will make them look a little bit bigger. Yay! And don't forget to eat and maintain a diet of whole, clean food and drink lots of water (at least 2 litres a day) for your boobs and for your entire body.


Confidence is sexy. Embrace yourself, your sensuality, and your sexuality. Get naked as often as you can (maybe not in a grocery store or anywhere like that!), and take pride in your breasts and incorporate them into your self love playtime and your partner playtime. Breasts are highly sensitive and erogenous and some touching, teasing, gentle biting (I should stop before I get carried away!) are essential to having a fabulous sex life.


Make a donation to a Breast Cancer Research Foundation in honor of your boobs and of the boobs of all fellow lovely ladies. Show and give love to get love.

That's tit! Now that you know how, go show those boobs some love! Do you have any additional ways you show boob love?

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