7 Ways to Make Sure You Always Smell Amazing ...


7 Ways to Make Sure You Always Smell Amazing ...
7 Ways to Make Sure You Always Smell Amazing ...

Sometimes the rush of life gets to be too much, and we run out of ways to always smell good throughout the day. Perfumes fade away, deodorant gives out, and we're left embarrassed and not so fresh. Here are some awesome ways to always smell good that will get you through the entire day, guaranteed.

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Use a Scented Shower Gel

Out of all the ways to always smell good, using a scented shower gel is the easiest. Using a scented shower gel, preferably one that isn't overpowering, is the perfect way to have a wonderful aroma that'll last through the day. If you shower in the morning, the scent will cling to your skin, leaving a subtle perfume. I promise, you'll be getting comments from everyone about how lovely you smell.


Put on Deodorant Immediately

The moment you step out of the shower, put on deodorant. I start getting body odor very quickly, so I discovered that if I put on deodorant when I am squeaky clean I don't get any smell for several hours. If you wait, you start building up sweat, and when you finally do put on deodorant, you're just trying to mask the smell underneath. Put it on when you're odor free and you'll stay that way.


Baby Wipes Are Your Best Friend

You know how babies always smell like heaven (as long as they haven't pooped)? I have a little brother, and I realized that he smelled so good because of the baby wipes used to clean him up. Keep a small bag of baby wipes in your purse for a midday pick me up. If you feel yourself getting sweaty, a quick sweep of one if these will not only take away any odor, but also leave you feeling fresh as a baby's bottom.


Keep a Kit with You

A good idea is to keep a little "smell good" kit with you. Fill a makeup bag with a bottle of perfume, an extra deodorant, some gum or breath mints, and possibly a toothbrush. Breath is just as important when it comes to smelling good, so be sure to keep some supplies to chase away what my mom calls "dragon breath." This can also be the bag you keep your baby wipes in. You just need something that can get you out of a smelly spot.


Flower Petals

If you're not a perfume kind of girl, try flower petals! There's always a bouquet of fresh flowers in my house and when I feel I need something special, I take a few petals, crush them, and stuff them in my bra. This might sound weird, but the heat of your body will release the scents in the petals, creating a subtle but heady cloud of aroma. I'm not going to lie, I've had guys pause and lean in to enjoy the smell when I use flower petals. Roses are my particular favorite, but you can try whatever you feel smells best.


Apply Lotion at Night

One little trick I found for a great smell that lasts hours is using scented lotion. Right before I go to sleep I usually moisturize my body with oils, but every once in a while I'll use a scented lotion. The good thing about this is your skin will absorb the lotion overnight, so when you wake up, you'll naturally smell amazing. No need for perfume!


Hair Oils

If your hair type permits, why not try some oils? This has a two-in-one benefit of not only making you smell delightful, but also leaving your hair shiny and moisturized. There are so many great hair oils out there that smell truly divine, so the next time you're in a beauty store, look for one. I've found the best time to apply an oil is when my hair is damp, not soaking wet. Experiment with your own hair and see how it works out.

Smelling good is practically a necessity. You don't want to scare away anyone with unpleasant odors, and honestly it's rude and inconsiderate if you work in close proximity with others. I know all too well how terrible it is to be stuck with someone that doesn't take care of their hygiene. If you want to be known as the girl who smells, be known as the girl who smells amazing. Keep in mind, though, that not all these tips should be tried at the same time. Too many good smells can be worse than body odor. Do you have any tips for smelling good?

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As an occasional smoker the first thing I thought of was to avoid being around smoke if you can. Even one cigarette makes your clothes smell for hours and sticks to your hair until you wash it next.

You can also add a few drops of lavender or jasmine to your bath water

Haha the flower petals is new to me! Very interesting and will most likely try it.

Love this!

Lots of dark greens or green energy drinks. They will help with intestinal smells. Also avoid gas forming foods before social events.

the best thing I found is some perfumes packs come with a body lotion that you apply prior to spraying the perfume and it makes it last longer

Like, petals?? Omg... Maybe in a little bag...

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