7 Ways to Make Your Water Less Boring ...


7 Ways to Make Your Water Less Boring ...
7 Ways to Make Your Water Less Boring ...

I drink a ton of water so I have learned several ways to make your water less boring and I am happy to share them with you. Water is very important to our health and we should all make an effort to drink enough of it daily. But when you drink it all the time, you can get a little bored with it. That is why I have come up with these little ways to make your water less boring. I hope that at least one of them is a way that you enjoy.

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Add Lemon

Add Lemon This is an old standby but it works. You can add lemon as one of the ways to make your water less boring. It is also a very economical way to make your water flavorful. Simply purchase a lemon when you go grocery shopping, slice up and you have a flavor for your water all week long. If you want an extra kick, try a packet of Splenda in with your lemon water to make it a bit more like lemonade


Add Orange Slices

Add Orange Slices Now, I have to tell you, this idea for flavoring water is kind of new to me. I had not heard of using orange slices to flavor your water until recently. But why not? The idea is basically the same as using a lemon to flavor your water. I expect you will find this suggestion to be very refreshing. It is my new favorite way to make water less boring.


Add Mixers

Add Mixers When I say mixers, I mean the little packets of powdered drink mix that are made specifically to be added to a bottle of water. Crystal Light makes some really nice ones and there are other brands as well. I like to do this, especially as an alternative to soda when I am really craving it. I don’t always use a full packet, though. I find that half a packet will flavor my water nicely.


Add Mio

Add Mio Have you tried Mio yet? Mio is a little bottle of flavoring just for the sole purpose of adding to your water. I thought this was a really neat product when I discovered it at my local grocery store. Mio is also in a small bottle so it is perfect for stashing in your purse, your car or even your desk drawer. My favorite flavor is Blueberry Lemonade.


Cut It with Juice

Cut It with Juice This is a good tip for people who really don’t like water but are trying to get used to drinking more of it. Cut it with juice, meaning mix it so that it is about 3 parts water to 1 part juice. There is one thing to be careful about when you do this; it can add up to extra calories you may not want if you are not careful. In order to avoid that, choose juices that are low in calories. Another option is to just add a splash of juice in with each glass.


Drink It Hot with Splenda

Drink It Hot with Splenda Okay, don’t judge me people. This is actually very good. It is a way to have a nice, warm, no calorie beverage and a great alternative to having tea. It is warm and can stave off hunger pains until the next meal. Try it and see what you think.


Buy Your Favorite Brand

Buy Your Favorite Brand Since all I mainly drink is water because of health reasons, I have determined that I will purchase the brands that I like best even if they are a little more expensive. My favorite brands are Dasani and SmartWater. If you have not tried them, you are seriously missing out. The best way I know how to describe them is to say that they taste softer than other brands of water. But your favorites might be different and that’s okay.

We all need to drink more water and these are some great ways to make water less boring. I would love to hear your secrets though. How do you make your water less boring and more appealing to you?

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(Drinking water as I'm reading this)

Fresh mint or a few frozen raspberries are also great in water.

Just an FYI...Mio is made with the same stuff as anti-freeze

Seltzer water with natural flavoring is also good.

Drink up

@Wendy So am I :)

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