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8 Ways to Manifest Your Destiny ...

By Naomi

Whether you believe it or not, you have the power within yourself to manifest your destiny. We all do it everyday without even being aware of it. The thoughts that you thought yesterday are what made your today and the thoughts that you think today are shaping your tomorrow. So how, if you are open to it, do you use this immense power within each of yourselves to manifest your destiny? Here are eight ways to start using your thoughts to work towards an awesome life.

1 Understand How Manifestation Works

To consciously choose your reality and manifest your destiny, you need to understand how it all works. We have our conscious brain, which thinks thoughts, reacts, judges, labels, and perceives things according to past experiences and conditions. Then we have our subconscious, which not only causes us to breathe every second of every minute of everyday, but it also takes whatever messages the conscious brain feeds it (as long as the conscious brain believes them to be true) and makes those thoughts our reality. If your conscious brain repetitively says ‘I never have any money’ or ‘No one really likes me,’ then your subconscious will take that statement as a truth for you and make sure that your experiences reflect that thought. So, you will indeed ‘never have any money’ and will experience situations in which you perceive ‘no one to really like you.’ If you want to learn more about how it all works I suggest reading Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

2 Make a List (You Know You Want to)

A fun and effective way to begin to manifest your destiny is to take the time to decide what it is you truly want. Is there a situation that you wish to be resolved? Is there some material possession that you want? Whatever it is, come up with a sentence that you are most comfortable with, that clearly states your desired result. Always say it as though you already have it. Any ‘I want’ and 'I wish’ statements will only bring more of you wanting and wishing. Here are some examples of solid, clear intentions:

Money: I have an abundance of money in my life.

Love: I am now attracting an honest, sincere, fun, passionate and loving relationship into my life.

Self: Every day in every way, I am getting better and better and better.

Life in General: By day and by night I am prosperous in all of my interests. (I love this one!)

Work: I have an exciting, financially rewarding job which I thoroughly enjoy.

Work with your sentences or new thought patterns until they sit right with you. There is a difference between saying a thought in your head and actually believing it. It is the believing part that your subconscious will react to and work with.


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3 Be Real

If your toes are freezing because you dare not crank the heating in fear of this month's heating bill, then it may be hard to tell yourself that you are ‘incredibly rich and living a luxurious lifestyle.’ As I said before, if you don’t really believe it to be true or possible, then your subconscious will not bite the bait. If your dreams are lovely but seem unrealistic, then break it down. Try something like ‘Everyday in every way, my life is getting batter and better and better’ for a while. Or, you simply repeat the word ‘wealth’ over and over in your head. You will be moving your focus from feelings of lack to thoughts of abundance which is a good start. Just sit with the word, let yourself smile at the thought of it and feel it within you.

4 Rock-a-bye-baby

According to scientists, the period just before sleep is when our subconscious minds are most susceptible to taking on board and manifesting new thought patterns. Because we are in a relaxed state, our conscious minds are less active and less likely to interrupt the positive thought process with mental negative chatter. Just before you fall asleep at night, relax your entire body and then repeat your sentence of choice over and over again, as though you are putting yourself to sleep with a beautiful lullaby. Throughout the night your subconscious, which never stops working, will conspire to make your dreams a reality. Repeat this process until you receive your desired results, having full faith that you will.

5 Showtime

Walt Disney was onto something when he said, ‘If you can dream it you can achieve it.’ The idea of manifestation is based around the principle that if you imagine whatever it is in your mind, then it will be experienced in your everyday life. Practice running mental movies in your head where your desired results come true. Imagine taking that medal in your hands, walking down the isle with your father or bench pressing nearly double your weight; whatever you want. If you can get into the habit of running the situation over in your head, feeling the emotions of it and making it as real as possible, then your subconscious will have no choice but to follow suit.

6 It’s Battle Time

If every morning you envision having a butt so hard you can bounce a coin off of it, but often think or feel fat throughout the day - then the strongest and most habitual thought/feeling will always win over. In order to combat this, whenever a negative thought crops up that does not coincide with your desires, counteract it with a positive thought; if you can catch it halfway through, even better. Don’t tell yourself off or berate yourself, just immediately come back with something positive.

7 Feelings

As I have mentioned above, you need to believe it in order to achieve it. Pay attention to what you are saying and what you are feeling. If you are telling yourself that you are confident but feel as though you are anything but, the latter will always win over. Say your sentence of choice and feel it, feel what it feels like to have your dream come true, feel the warmth and happiness, feel how relaxed you are, how everyone is so happy for you. Generate the feelings that you know are inevitable as if you can create them, your subconscious can manifest them.

8 Have a Little Faith

For those of us who read all this and think, "What rubbish!" it’ll be just that, rubbish. But if you believe that you yourself create your reality and that you have the choice to bring into existence whatever it is you wish, then the world is your oyster. Above everything, it is important that there is an underlying faith and 100% belief that whatever you say is so, will come to be. Have faith and throw aside any doubts or fears like you would a stray hair on your face, and continue on knowing you are manifesting your destiny.

Since realizing that I have it in me to manifest even my wildest dreams, the possibilities in life seem endless (except for the dream where I have 5 nipples and a horse shoe for a mouth - that was just weird). At best, through focus and specific intentions we can all work on steering our lives in the direction that is most beneficial to us all; at very least, we can become more aware of our thoughts and gain a little insight into ourselves. Does anyone else have any killer affirmations or examples of how you have manifested your destiny? Are there any skeptics out there?

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