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12 Ways to Mark World Cancer Day Feb 4th 2015 ...

By Neecey

February 4th is World Cancer Day. No matter how quick you say it, that little word is still feared by many of us. That it is one of the few remaining diseases for which science has not yet found either a cause or cure is frightening considering all of the amazing accomplishments of man and medicine. If you want to get involved here are some ways to mark World Cancer Day:

1 Wear Pink

Wear Pink

2 Or Wear a Pink Ribbon

Or Wear a Pink


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3 Make a Donation

Make a

5 Encourage Your Man to Check His Testicles

6 Get Involved in an Event near You

Get Involved in an Event near

7 Sign up to a Run

Sign up to a

8 Spread the Message on Social Media

Spread the Message on Social

9 Remember the Victims

Remember the Victims

10 Applaud the Survivors

11 Give up Smoking

12 Commit to a Healthier Life

Has your family been touched by cancer? I’ll be popping out to visit my brother’s grave just to let him know he’s not forgotten. RIP Mark.

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