Natural 🌾 Ways to Reduce ⏬ Blood Pressure 🌑 ...

High blood pressure can lead to other health issues. It can quietly cause damage to your body for years before any real problems manifest but when they do it can be a heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and even eye problems. High blood pressure makes your body work harder to move blood around the body to feed organs and muscles so fatigue is common. It is obviously therefore, better to tackle it and it can be done naturally so that there is no need for medication.

1. Lose Weight

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One of the best natural ways to reduce blood pressure is to lose weight. It’s an obvious answer to the question, but quite simply, it’s the best fail-safe way of getting your blood pressure down. Numerous different studies in to the subject have determined that if your body mass index is higher than 30, you are twice as likely to have high blood pressure compared to people with a body mass index within the β€˜normal’ region.

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