Excellent Advice on Ways to Reduce Screen Fatigue ...


Excellent Advice on Ways to Reduce Screen Fatigue ...
Excellent Advice on Ways to Reduce Screen Fatigue ...

Any girl who uses a computer or smartphone should have some ways to reduce screen fatigue. The incredible advancements in technology over the past twenty years have lead to an array of amazing opportunities. People from across the world can come together to connect over shared interests. The internet has opened up a universe of knowledge and entertainment that never previously existed. Hey, you can even bag a husband or wife if you are lucky! However, along with the rise in technology, has also been a rise in staring at screens for most of your day, and this can have a negative impact on your health. In order to avoid suffering from some of the symptoms of what has been dubbed screen fatigue, take a look at these ways to reduce screen fatigue.

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Similar Lighting

One of the best ways to reduce screen fatigue is to consider the lighting. Try to make the lighting in your room about the same or ever so slightly dimmer than the glare from your computer screen. Any overhead fluorescent lighting is the worst and can really aggravate symptoms of fatigue. The dimmer your surroundings are, the less likely you are to start to feel it.


Comfortable Eyelines

When organizing your workstation, try to arrange your computer and desk in such a way that your line of sight is slightly lower than straight ahead. You want to be able to read the screen without having to lean forward, and you want to be a comfortable enough position that you don’t have to move and fidget frequently. It improves your posture as well as saving you from a headache.


Larger Text

The fastest way to get screen fatigue is through straining to read small text. The easiest way to eliminate this problem is by making your on-screen text much larger. Simple - you don’t have to strain to be able to read anymore, and your eye muscles will certainly thank you for it!


Remember to Blink

Having dry eyes is something that causes poor vision, leading you to strain to focus. Make sure that you keep your precious peepers as lubricated and healthy as possible by blinking at increased intervals. You might you look silly doing it, but your eyes will feel so much better for it.



This is a good rule to go by to try to be as kind to your eyes as possible. For every 20 minutes of screen time, you should then seek to stare at something that is 20 feet away for a total of 20 seconds. It might seem annoying at first, but once you get used to it you will find that your eyes enjoy the different adjustments.



Remember to keep hydrated. You don’t want a dehydration headache to occur while you are looking at a computer screen because it will only exacerbate the problem.



Make sure that your entire life does not revolve around the computer screen. Take lots of time away from the electronic glare to do things outside and with other people. Your eyes will be very grateful!

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