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10 Fantastic Tips on How to De-Stress ...

By Naomi

Looking for some ways to relieve stress? We’ve all been there at one point or another. Whether it’s last minute cramming for that big final, being in an unhealthy relationship, or putting last minute touches on a very important project, we all have been so stressed out. It happens from time to time, that’s just life. Being in a constant state of stress is no good for your body or mind - it has been associated with a variety of health issues. Remember to keep in mind that your health is the number one priority! You owe it to yourself to respect your well-being, mentally and physically. In these 10 tips, you’ll find some great ways to relieve stress.

1 Have Positivity

It’s important to have a positive mindset, which is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It would be too easy for you to think you will fail at something; it sets a low expectation. Force yourself out of this habit! It’s detrimental to your goal mindset and just causes a lot of stress. If you think you will fail, then you probably will. You are your own best champion. Remember, failure is just another opportunity for learning. When approaching the next challenge, just remind yourself that true failure is when you stop trying. Always try your best - you never know where it might lead you.

2 Find Ways to Improve Your Health

It’s so, so, important to take care of yourself, ladies. Remember to eat nutritious foods. They fuel your body and your mind. Starving yourself of essential nutrients will make you lethargic and unfocused, not to mention contribute to that dreaded unnecessary weight gain! Giving your body what it wants nourishes your health and re-charges your body and brain. Whether you’re staying up cramming for that biology final or prepping for that important business meeting, you need to remember to get some sleep. Studies show that having less sleep will contribute to negative long-term effects toward your health. Having no sleep is dangerous for your mind, so do yourself a favor and catch those Z’s.


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3 Find Your Me-time

Always find time to relax! Finding time to relax re-energizes your body after a long period of continuous stress, and gives you the boost you need to do your task. Non-stop working will just contribute to your stress and make your work not the best that it could possibly be. Whenever approaching a strenuous challenge, remind yourself from time to time to give yourself some wiggle room for relaxing. So whether that be sitting with your fluffy blanket and catching some episodes of your favorite Netflix show, treating yourself to a spa day, or running a few miles on the beach, just be sure to give yourself a breather once a while!

4 Plan Accordingly

Plan, plan, plan! Cramming almost never works, so be sure to give yourself enough time if you know you’ll have to do something that takes a lot of work. Procrastination is your worst enemy - waiting last minute is not a good idea! It will work out so much better in the long run if you plan ahead! So whether it be writing a term paper analyzing nineteenth-century French novels, studying for that massive chemistry midterm, or preparing for opening night, remember to take as much time as you need to do your best.

5 Have Motivation

Just be motivated to do your best! Being motivated prepares you for the right mindset to do what you gotta do! Even better, it forces you to break out of the dreaded feeling of procrastination. In developing a motivated mindset, it is so important to be mindful of your passions. Think hard about the things you want to accomplish, and then think about how you could go about accomplishing them.

6 Focus on What You Care about, and Forget the Rest

Be mindful of your priorities! Cut away the things or people that are bringing you down, and do what you need to do to get you where you want to go. Focus on your goals, your dreams, and most important, think about your passions - this will help you get in the right mindset. It is super important to know what you want and just go for the goal. Don’t think about anything else, forget what other people may be saying, know what you have to do, and do what you need to do to get there. Owe yourself the respect you deserve and pay attention to the things you want to do.

7 There’s No Shame in Asking for Help

If you need help, just ask! Remember, there is no shame in asking for help. If you’re having a really hard time doing something, then ask someone you trust for assistance and guidance. Sometimes, some things in life are hard, and people understand that! If something is giving you a challenge, there is always someone out there who is willing to help. Just reach out, and they will help you. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, ladies!

8 Reflection

When a certain problem is giving you stress, stop for a moment and think about it. Ask yourself - What is working? What isn’t working? What could I be doing to make it better? Sometimes, it is necessary to just stop for a second and take some time to reflect on the task at hand. Keep in mind the things that you could be doing to improve a certain problem, task, or situation. Whether it be a school project, issues at work or at home, keep in mind the things that you can do to make something better.

9 Change is Not Always Bad

It’s plain and simple, ladies. If something isn’t working, that thing has got to go. Don’t hurt yourself even more by sticking around with something or someone that is the source of your headaches. You owe it to yourself to get rid of whatever is dragging you down. Cut out the source of the problems, and then find where to go from there. Change is not always easy, and sometimes is painful, but sometimes it's the best thing to do.

10 Do Your Best

Finally, the most important rule of all. Whenever doing something that is challenging, you need to keep in mind the necessity of having the effort to try. You never know where it might take you. It is so important to give it 100%. Remember, the real failure is when you stop trying. The more you go at something, the more you improve, and the more you learn. It may not always be easy, but practice makes perfect.

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