7 Ways to Spot a Sociopath ...


There are many important ways to spot a sociopath that you should probably we aware of if you’re looking to avoid a possibly damaging relationship or friendship. While sociopaths are most certainly not all criminals, or necessarily bad people, finding yourself in a relationship with them can potentially lead you in to all kinds of trouble. Take note of these ways to spot a sociopath!

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Confidence and Charisma

One of the easiest ways to spot a sociopath is by studying the way they behave. Most sociopaths are extremely confident and charismatic, winning people over very easily. They may seem full of themselves, and they’ll probably speak in charming, almost poetic language, making you think they are very intelligent (which they generally are!).



If you find yourself wondering why you are engaging in activities or behaving in a way you’re not happy with, perhaps look to someone in your life. Sociopaths are very good at manipulating people, and will do it in such a way that you will feel that it was all your idea in the first place. No one likes to be manipulated, and it is important that you stand your ground.


Lack of Guilt or Remorse

A sociopath will rarely apologise, and will rarely show guilt or remorse for anything bad they may have done. Because they have an antisocial personality disorder, it makes it harder for them to identify how their actions may make others feel. They may know that they have upset you, but they won’t understand and probably won’t care.


Extravagant Lies

Because of their overwhelming charisma, don’t be surprised if you believe all of the lies a sociopath tells you. No matter how crazy and elaborate they are, they will probably manage to convince you that they are telling the truth. If you can keep a critical eye, try to identify the lies before you get caught up in them.


Intense Anger

It is totally normal to get angry every now and then, but the anger of a sociopath is often far more intense than that of a normal person, and can potentially be quite violent. It is important that you look after yourself, and if you feel that someone you know is experiencing very intense anger, find somewhere you feel safe.


Extended Eye Contact

As stated earlier, sociopaths don’t really understand how their actions make other people feel. They will often hold eye contact for an unnecessarily long time, making you feel rather uncomfortable. This will make them seem even more confident, but yet it is still rather unsettling.


Seeking and Enjoying Danger

In very dangerous or terrifying situations, sociopaths will often stay very calm, or even look to be really enjoying themselves, while anyone else would be very scared or worried. They often experiment and fall victim to alcohol and drugs, as a way of experiencing the world in a way that is different to the one they live in and feel disconnected to. Danger attracts sociopaths as a way to ‘experience something’, as much of their lives are lived not feeling much at all.

While not all of these points mean that the person you know is a sociopath, it is important that you are able to recognise these signs and make sure that you don’t fall victim to a poisonous relationship. Your safety is the top priority! Do you know someone who you think might be a sociopath?

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I was married to one! Oh- he trampled my soul without a care! There was so little of me left by the end of the marriage, it took a long time time to find the shattered pieces of myself and put them back together.

Actually sociopaths are usually nervous and get uncomfortable in social situations. Psychopaths are the ones who are charming and can easily manipulate people.

The uncomfortably long eye contact is on point- they wait to see your reaction- probably to see if you believe their ridiculous lies

My ex/rapist was a sociopath.

I needed this article about five years ago.. Thank god he's an ex now, but I wish I knew then what I know now and stood up for myself and ran away sooner.

oh my this article is crap I dont believe this this kinsa articles make ppl more cotuis in a nagative way every person is difrent in dif ways

I agree with Sylvie for the most part. I was married to one man who was diagnosed by MD, a therapist, and a Phsychiatrist as Sociopathic. It's an intense disorder. To fall in love with one is a fearful, heartbreaking experience. Getting divorced from him was worse. The Judge issued a restraining order on him for my safety, and hers, due to his outrageous behavior in her courtroom from the beginning. An armed deputy was assigned to each one of our divorce proceedings in her court. She by passed mediation and assigned a court appointed arbitrator to settle our case. It took a year and cost thousands of unnecessary dollars. 7 years prior to the divorce, I skated through a suicide attempt due to the abusive marriage. During our divorce I had a nervous breakdown and placed in a lock down facility for my safety from him for 8 days to regain my health. On the verge of disaster discovering having mini strokes die to the stress. My diagnosis by 3 doctors was post traumatic stress disorder die to situational anxiety. Gods grace, good luck and outstanding therapy I am happy inside today. My fear of being physically or emotionally hurt is gone. I make good choices without fear of being demoralized in private or in public. Lie, cheat and steal are no longer painful act against me I must face with the man of my dreams. Incessantly, he cheated on his first wife, mother of his 4 children, from the first week he married her. I just knew he loved me and would never do that to me. After all, he told me so years rolling down his face, after every "bad spell" we had. I see the violence in them now from the beginning. I am not a quitter. I have learned there is a monumental difference between standing my ground to hope one more time for the best and standing up for what I believe in within myself. I encourage all women who avoid fear to be strong to seek intense therapy to distinguish the difference between stupidity and reality. I almost killed myself sticking with my sociopath for years. I continue my therapy as needed on occasion when the demons of my memories with this man return to haunt me sometimes. Preventative maintenance is important to remind yourself how lucky you were to survive it. My heart has settled. I am happy inside. Fear, humiliation, embarrassment in public, infringement on my privacy in the nastiest of ways no longer embellish me. I encourage anyone to seek help should you find yourself forgiving a man you love too many times for the wrong reasons that go against your values in life. To belittle a woman who loves you that believes you are soul mates by mutual agreement laughing like a mad man telling me "just because I can. You are mine now B...." Then comes running back up on you on his knees, literally big tears rolling down, is a death wish with no doubt. I promise any woman who finds herself there will question why she gave this jerk the time of day to begin with. The children thrown in the mid of these relationships are the ones that suffer the most long into adulthood... Finding peace inside yourself when you escape from a sociopath, life begins again.

I have a colleague who is a sociopath. And she is a woman. Beware that anyone in your environment can be a sociopath

My ex boyfriend!

Enough of this "oh my ex is a sociopath"! Sociopathy is a mental disorder that causes them to be extremely dangerous, and all need immediate medical attention. You cant just throw the word around, and call someone who is a bit controlling or intense a sociopath!

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